Karens Want White Chicks Banned Off Hulu Because Of Whiteface
By Corey A.S. James

The hashtag #GetWhiteChicksOffHulu has been trending on Facebook and Twitter since yesterday. The group ‘Karens Who Hate Making Fun Of Karens’ (or KWHMFOKarens for short) is pushing the media giant to remove the Keenen Ivory Wayans comedy White Chicks from the service because it misrepresents white women who love totally being a fucking bitch to everyone.

The actual situation is a bit more obtuse. Hulu currently doesn’t offer White Chicks as part of its current library in the US, where women are most offended by the movie. That isn’t to say that the movie won’t appear back on Hulu in the future – as KWHMFOKarens note. The cyber protesters are calling for Hulu to never have White Chicks ever return again.

The activists’ major issue with the comedy is that it inaccurately depicts what twenty to sixty year old white women act like on a daily basis.

“White Chicks is a film that has caused many headaches for many white women. Trust me. I’m a white woman,” said Cynthia Deborah Powell-Vanderfeller, treasurer of KWHMFOKarens. “First of all, the two leads aren’t even white women. They are black. They are using whiteface and that should be racist in itself. Trust me. Last year when I went to a party as Beyoncé everyone LOVED my costume, but when I posted the pictures on Instagram everyone called me a racist. Blackface? I was friggin’ Beyoncé. Should I have painted myself orange?!?”

Powell-Vanderfeller continued, “More egregiously is the so called attitude of upper class white women in this film. How dare they act like we all have little dogs, act like See You Next Tuesdays, and are all entitled. Do I seem entitled to you? No one is born with a silver spoon in their mouth. No one. It can be placed there later. So what? I like silver. It’s pretty..”

“But the damage this movie can have on the minds of young white 13 year old girls is that this behavior isn’t acceptable. It is acceptable. It’s okay to yell at a waiter or a barista if they aren’t doing their jobs well. That’s part of their job!”

“It inaccurately represents being a white woman in so many ways; over-exaggerating the way so called Karens, a derogatory term in itself, act against people who are paid to serve me. This is a false stigma totally created in Hollywood, introduced by films like White Chicks, that now have people yelling at me because I don’t want to wear a mask. I can’t wear it because of a medical condition I have anyway.”

Wayans’ White Chicks tells the story of two black FBI agents who go undercover using whiteface as women to solve a kidnapping plot.

For every Karen who argues that White Chicks should be removed there’s someone else who argues that the comedy should stay. Warning about the dangers of ‘cancel culture,’ one Twitter user wrote that: “If we ban White Chicks then what’s next? Blazing Saddles? Screw that, sir. If everyone is offended at every single little thing, then what’s going to be left? Sesame Street? Get off your high horse, Karen.”

How do you feel about White Chicks? Do you think it should never return to Hulu or do you feel it’s better left forgotten and un-watched? Let us know in the comments below or feel free to call the manager.

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