Lelia Broussard Couples Particles And Music To Locate Mirrorworld
By Ryan McLelland

Is it at all true that our universe has some sort of mirror image? Like where there is a whole other you but totally cooler and more popular? This may seem like a thing from an episode of Star Trek or The Facts of Life, but someone is trying to take that science fiction and make it science faction.

This summer, singer Lelia Broussard launched an experiment that sounds more like a summer movie blockbuster than a proper follow-up to her album Masquerade. She and her thirty person research team at Oates Military Academy, plus Ingrid Michaelson on guitar, have jumped feet first into an experiment to prove that the universe we live in is the universe we live in, but maybe there’s a whole other universe that we don’t live in as well. Called an oscillation overthruster, Broussard looks to reveal “mirror matter” by blasting a beam of subatomic particles with a pounding bass line through a 37 meter tunnel and past Monster Magnet’s 4-Way Diablo to reach an impenetrable wall that may finally become penetrable.

Broussard told Rolling Stone that her theory may be “pretty out there” but also a “total game changer” in both the science world and for musicians looking to break into the scientific industry.

If the oscillation overthruster works the way Broussard has theorized, it could possibly open a portal into some weird other dimension world. This may not be as super awesome as what you see in movies, but the possibility of Broussard finding Red Lectroids from the 8th Dimension remains probable.

What Broussard and her neurosurgeon superhero partner Dr. Buckaroo Banzai of the Banzai Institute (and lead singer of the Hong Kong Cavaliers) believe is that blasting through this wall could launch you into an entire other dimension with mirror rocks, mirror music, mirror foods, mirrors made of mirrors, and Led Zeppelin playing on the music of CCR.

The 1.3 gigawatt reactor at Oates can spew gazillions of neutrons, but Broussard can prove mirror world is really real by getting neutrons to cross over. She’s enlisted experts in the field Dr. Erick Sermon and Dr. Parrish Smith to prove such an existance. “Another megablast funky dope style from cross yonder,” noted Dr. Smith on mirror neutrons.

If Broussard can find even one mirror particle? It will pretty much just shatter everything us humans know about physics. It would definitely be proof that Mirrorworld exists. Beyond that, it would also give scientists in our world a huge hangover rewriting the laws of physics so they can explain the unexplainable.

“This satire piece makes zero sense,” says Broussard’s former bandmate Hannah Winkler. “The original article was an obscure topic and then you just went way out there with even more obscure references. Learn to quit while you’re ahead sometimes, dude.”

Fair enough.

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