PC Gaming Has Come A Long Way Since Technology Continues To Advance

By Guest Australian “Writer” Kaylee Koala

Remember way back in the day when video games were released in physical format like on seedees and those gray cartridges thingies? Then you had to like actually spend your hard earned money on them which was totally stupid? Thanks to the greediness of developers and the mindless shopping habits of today’s sooooo well informed gamers, you can video games play for free! If you then want to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on these free games it is so totally super simple and easy as you can buy useless in-game items like clothes, shoes, bonnets, leg warmers, cankles, butterfly tattoos, chain wallets, cuffed jeans, Coach bags, boyfriends, earrings, and more cool thingies. Put that in your plunger and smoke it, Mario!

Platforms like Steam let you add titles to something called a “shopping cart” and pay for the purchase through credit card or other payment methods. This is so amazing! We are like totally living in the future! No longer do we have to be bogged down by having to leave the house when all I have to do is download Goat Simulator and play it! Wowweeee. THE FUTURE!

As long as you don’t buy six thousand games for $.25 AUS a piece during the Steam sale you are set. You may run out of hard drive space but you can always delete and redownload anywayz. Don’t worry, you’ll totally never play those games so whatever.

The ease of buying games and then meeting people who play them through social media has made gaming totally mainstream. But like meeting them IN the game. Cause in real life? Total ewwww. And gaming is like totally more popular now. Like ten times more popular then The Video Game Crash of 1963. I don’t even know what that is. I think that was like Pac-Man back in the sixties. But whatever.

Another monster huge contributing factor is how quickly you can buy computer parts for your computer and set up your computer to run faster. You were never able to quickly buy and add computer parts back in the nineties so this is mind blowing. THE FUTURE!

And now? Now we handle better the most demanding games to date like Crysis 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and any other number of games that were released five to eight years ago that gIve PCs a hard time because of needing new stuff.

Knowing the kinds of video games that you are playing is very important in finding out your computer needs. One essential thingie to look out for is FPS, or First Person Shooter, which refers to how fast the graphics or images are shown. Wait. I thought that was when you couldn’t see your dude on the screen. Whateverz.

So a better FPS rating means you totally get a better gaming experience or gameplay. Then your processor, which is your CPU, which means your central processing unit, AKA your processor is like the brain of awesome performance while your graphics card is responsible for graphics. If you are into live streaming for others to watch, you have to pay attention to the live chat because there can be trolls. Haterz.

Gaming is a serious business, after all. You can earn money out of it if you are skilled. It’s almost like anything else. Like if you are an actor and you are good you can earn money. So it’s kind of like that. I’ve sort of run out of things I gleamed from Facebook and Wikipedia so I’ll stop here.

[ED NOTE: The 1980’s computer Commodore 64 had a plethora of amazing free games. You just needed some blank floppies, a one hole punch, and some friends who had copied games that you don’t have. The downside was you needed to have actual real friends and have the ability to leave the house. Some called this “pirating,” eighties kids just called it “free.”]

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