“Simu Liu Has A Face For Radio” and Other Hurtful Comments on the Shang Chi Star
By John Burn

The Marvel superhero Shang Chi will finally be landing on the big screen in the upcoming MCU film Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Chinese-Canadian actor Simu Liu has been cast in the titular role and the wondeful actor has always shown himself to be witty, self-deprecating, and easy on the eyes … I suppose.

However there are some in China who aren’t fans of this Chinese-Canadian actor. They are called Chinese or, in this case, Chinese haters.

A video went viral this week which had interviews with people on the streets of Beijing hating on Simu Liu’s looks and saying he may be attractive to “stupid Americans” but Simu Liu doesn’t live up to the Chinese standards of immaculate beauty. The actor responded to these reports and he responded very humbly, thus proving he’s pretty much perfect inside and out. American support has been flooding in, as we Americas are never shallow about beauty, never call people ugly, and always very tolerant about the feelings of every foreign culture around the world.

But not YouTube channel Asian Boss who posted a horribe hate-filled hit-piece video on how Shang Chi stars Simu Liu and Awkwafina are “fugly,” “homly,” “gross,” “icky,” “disgusting,” “pig vomit,” “okay kinda,” “a foul stentch,” “a FOWL stench,” “beat with the ugly stick” “good from far, but far from good,” and “DAMN THEY LOOK LIKE A CONSTRUCTION WORKER’S ASS CRACK AFTER WORKING EIGHT HOURS IN JULY” on Chinese social media.

Asian Boss hit the streets with photos of Simu Liu to gauge the opinions of average people in Beijing, asking them to grade his looks on a scale of 1 to 10.

A woman named Beverly Jong said he’s “quite handsome.” She was quickly shooed off camera as her comments didn’t fit the narrative.

A man with a ponytail named Shang Tsung said,”I’d give him a 6. … He’s just about average. I don’t think he’s considered handsome by Chinese standards.” Tsung added, “Finish him” before walking away.

A man in simple Chinese apparel named Chen Zhen said, “He’s a 7.5,” but then said “He’s not really handsome. He’s no Bruce Lee.”

One harsh critic who goes by the obviously fake name of Jackie Chan said he’d get a “3.5” because he looks “old” and “old-fashioned.” “His nose is too small,” Chan noted.

Another non-fan said he was surprised and “disappointed” to learn he’ll be the superhero, since they have more handsome Chinese actors for the role. “There are plenty of gorgeous male actors who can play this role, like Donnie Yen,” said actor Donnie Yen. “It’s a big slap in the face to Donnie Yen and any good looking Chinese actors. Like Donnie Yen.

“你不会说中文” said one man we couldn’t understand.

“Simu Liu looks all right to “foreigners,” said a woman named Zhang Ziyi. “But Chinese people prefer men with a delicate face.”

All in all, it was a seemingly racist outlook on Simu Liu’s features. The video found its way to Liu, and he reacted with humor on Twitter.

“Yeah. U. G. L. Y. I ain’t got no alibi. I ugly. Yeah yeah. I ugly,” Liu said. That tongue-in-cheek tweet was met with the kind of responses you might expect — with fans laughing at the actor’s humor. Personally, this reporter wouldn’t throw him out of bed for eating crackers. I’m not gay but, for Liu, I’d be willing to learn.

It’s sad but not surprising when early conversation about a star is about his or her looks. This never happens in American film. EVER. But it hurts fifty-six times more when Marvel’s first Asian lead superhero is derided for his looks by people from his own native China. Even though he’s from Canada.

But, again, the upside is that this is giving fans a chance to tell Simu Liu that he’s very handsome. I’m not saying him and I should get married, but I am looking at rings.

With China being the second biggest box office market in the world after the United States, this earnest reporter seriously doubts this early shallow talk about Simu Liu’s looks will impact the film when the movie comes out on February 12, 2021.

And Liu? I’m not saying I’m naked and waiting for you. But I might be. Your choice, tiger.

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