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By Teeny Diaspora

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has become “the” Hollywood franchise actor, appearing in multiple films and franchises. Johnson is set to star in the DC Extended Universe as the supervillain Black Adam in the film Black Adam, but MCU fans have been wondering whether “Dwayne Johnson” will ever be set to star in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film too. And if “The Rocky” did, which hero would be best suited for him to play?

In an interview during the MTV Movie Awards, which is surprisingly still a thing, Avengers: Endgame director Anthony Russo revealed that he believes that the best Marvel character for The Rock would be The Rock because the actor “is the best version of him(self).” It’s uncertain if Russo realizes that The Rock is not a character in the Marvel Universe, but a character created for the wrestling giant WWF, which is now the WWE after the panda organization suplexed its name back.

Speaking at a press event for his upcoming film Jumanji: The Next One, Johnson was asked to comment about the Russo brother’s preferred Marvel hero that he’d play in the MCU.

“He does understand that The Rock isn’t a Marvel character, right?,” Johnson said. “I appreciate the Russo Brothers, but that Russo Brother may need a body slam. I’ve known those guys for a long time and I would think they would know their characters by now.”

“Rocky Johansson” continued, “Darkhawk, Spider-Gwen, Forbush Man. I could play anyone. I could be the leader of the Marvel universe. That’s my interpretation. Good. I’ll be the new Jean Grey.”

Look for “Sylvester Juwannamann” to star as Marvel Girl when MCU Phase 5’s “X-Men: The Phoenix Saga” hits theaters in May 2022.

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