Joker Film’s Box Office May Be Great Or Not Great
By Ted Kord

The early box office tracking numbers for director Todd Phillips’ Joker film are in and it’s possible that the Batman villain’s solo flick will have a hugely successful opening weekend when it releases in October.

According to a new report from Variety Reporter, Joker is now on track to take in about $77 million on its opening weekend. That’s not to say that the movie could actually make that much money, especially since no one seems to give a shit about this film overseas.

This means that the film could actually bring in much less than $77 million. Warner Bros, the studio releasing Joker, is hopeful. They say the film may be able to bring in more than $77 million, which would be a huge win. This is very early as the film comes out in October and box office tracking has proven to be somewhat completely unreliable in recent years. Especially for big, flashy blockbusters, even though Joker is a smaller almost art film like film.

Joker’s releasing in October for a potential awards season run, means that it could up with Oscar gold in 2020. If the film sucks, the film may also be up for Razzie plastic.

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