Fanboys Mad That Batwoman is Anti-Male, Anti-Batman, and, Well, Not Batman
By William Miller

Superheroes have conquered the summer box office but television fans are eagerly waiting for their superheroes to return to the CW this fall. While fans are excited about the return of The Flash, Arrow, Black Lightning, and, to a much lesser extent, Supergirl, they aren’t too thrilled with the latest trailer for the upcoming Batwoman series.

When the first teaser hit YouTube a few months ago, the reaction was mixed (7.3K likes vs. 3.6K dislikes), but the first trailer was met with criticism (2.2K likes vs. 1.2M dislikes). Criticisms found in the comments mirrored this sentiment. “Girls are icky. They can’t be superheroes. She’s not Batman. Make Comics Great Again!” said BatmanDude69.

The newest trailer “Times Are Changing” hit early in the week. The kickass trailer really showcased the acting of actress Ruby Rose and the way Batwoman fits into a story of fighting crime while Batman has gone missing from Gotham City.

This newest trailer continues the anti-Batwoman sentiment with a disparaging 1.2K likes v. 2.3M dislikes.

“Come on,” said BatWangCentral. “Batman isn’t feminist! Why is Batwoman? Does Batman speak his mind? Yes! So Batwoman shouldn’t have a mind of her own! That’s stupid. Why is this even a show? Make Comics Great Again!”

“Girls are gross,” IWNTBATWEINER left in the messages. “Make Comics Great Again.”

“Female empowerment is a myth,” said comicbooksexist123. “Batwoman should be cleaning the house and baking dinner for Batman. Where she belongs. Make Comics Great Again!”

Personally, we’d rather watch the show and see Batwoman kicking ass, not in the kitchen baking pie. It doesn’t look like we’ll have to wait too long to do just that (her kicking ass that is). Batwoman is scheduled to premiere this fall on October 6th and will air at 8 p.m. ET on Sundays, exclusively on The CW.

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