Michael B. Jordan To Star In Nearly Every Upcoming Warner Bros Film Through 2025
By William Miller

Hot on the heels of the news that actor Michael B. Jordan will star in the Zak Penn/The Wachowskis reboot of The Matrix, Warner Bros. announced today its plans for continued successes for its movie slate past 2020 by casting the young actor in most of its upcoming films.

Michael B. Jordan has just been cast as the leading man in the upcoming movies: Dune, Mortal Kombat, Minecraft, Akira, The Six Billion Dollar Man, Aquaman 2, Space Jam 2, Sherlock Holmes 3, and the DC Super Pets film.

“We are very excited for Michael to join the cast of these upcoming productions playing the Kwisatz Haderach, Sonya Blade, Steve Austin, Tetsuo, Elmer Fudd, Mera, Moriarty, a diamond block, and Streaky the Supercat,” said Warner Bros. spokeswoman Layla Clapton.

“Michael is one of those rare versatile actors who can play just about any part. Based on his current Q score, we’ll continue to cast him in every movie possible.”

Jordan will next be seen in the upcoming HBO ‘The Wire’ prequel film in which he’ll play Omar, Stringer Bell, McNulty, Bunk, Greggs, and Herc. The character Wallace will not appear in the film.

The role of the diamond block has been very coveted in Hollywood with Brad Pitt, Julius Erving, Ray Romano, Snoop Dogg, Scotty Smalls, Lady Gaga, Avon Barksdale, Julia Roberts, and George Clooney all having been up for the role.

“Hopefully, we’re not too far from an official announcement,” says Clapton. “Hold tight for updates in the weeks to come.”

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