Disney Paying $35 Million To Critics Helps Launch Toy Story 4 To $135 Million Debut
By Pamela Finkelstein

After several weeks of disappointing debuts, Disney was able to turn things around with its ‘Cash for Critics’ program, helping to launch the latest Toy Story sequel to a record breaking weekend – one of the largest animated feature film openings ever.

Toy Story 4 opened a bit under expectations with $135 million dollars but still set the struggling summer box office ablaze. In doing so Disney spent a record $35 million for positive critic reviews for the film. Toy Story 4 sits at 98% on Rotten Tomatoes which shows the program is not only highly successful in getting positive critic reviews, but helped give Disney its sixth #1 film of 2019. “It was a wonderful film,” said critic Hakey Zack, who was subsequently given $478 more dollars.

“We are extremely happy with the success of ‘Cash for Critics,’” said Disney spokeswoman Madison Disney. “With Disney on pace to make $9 billion dollars at the global box office, it’s clear that ‘Cash for Critics,’ having spent $100 million thus for positive critic reviews, is the smartest way to brainwash moviegoers to see Disney films in theaters.”

Disney was quick to point out the reboot of Child’s Play, also released on Thursday, looks to debut with a highly disappointing $17 million for its opening weekend.

“How much did United Artists spend on critic reviews?” Disney asked. “Nothing, right? And it shows.”

“I still enjoyed Child’s Play immensely,” noted Zack. He was given no additional money for this comment.

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