Fanboys Upset About CGI In New Trailer and Latest Casting News
By Robert Bernstein

Fanboys are up in arms on social media after the latest trailer and casting news for the upcoming sequel landed yesterday.  They’ve taken to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and other various sites to give the opinions that truly matter. Now, the first four films in the franchise are arguably some of the best films in movie history, thanks to their blend of action, horror, and futuristic narratives.

A common link between the four films is that they had the same director and star, while subsequent films suffered both critically and financially, possibly due to the lack of the pair’s involvement in follow-up films. The first trailer for the upcoming sequel hasn’t inspired much hope that the latest installment would be an improvement on its predecessors.

While the first four entries in the series leaned into practical special effects and compelling characters, future films failed to deliver in either respect, with the last sequel being especially lambasted for having a complicated yet forgettable plot. Fanboys have a few more months ahead of them before they get to see the adventure unfold, but early reactions to the first trailer confirm that fans are nervous that the film will be yet another uninspired entry into the franchise.

“I haven’t been interested in the series since the second to last one,” said Jay Albert Schmuaker on Facebook. “Obviously that isn’t changing with the latest trailer and I’ll continue to boycott and mock.”

“Ugh. The new trailer looks so bland, and the bad guy? OMG. It doesn’t even look menacing and that CGI looks AWFUUUUUUUL. I mean there wasn’t even the classic score!” said PHolder261 on Reddit.

On Twitter, Daisy Pennsbiry noted, “The trailer to me just seems like a rehash of the last film all over again!! Same feeling of mediocre action and pretty crappy CGI as of now and the use of old characters to get us pumped up!! I hope this movie proves me wrong but I doubt it.”

“Just watched the new trailer. The trailer sure is a trailer for a movie and apparently it sure is a movie. These facts should excite me but the teaser lacks intrigue. Just feels bland. Film may well be good but this preview doesn’t sell it,” said Kris Kravitz on Instagram.

Casting for the film has also sent frothing fanboys into a tizzy, as they can’t believe the actor had been cast into the titular role.

On Twitter, KillllllingItSoftly wrote, “I won’t believe that he’ll be any good at all until I actually see it. I just haven’t seen any of his acting anyway so we’ll see how this goes.”

A Redditor said point-blankly, “He’s not fit for the role and doesn’t have the acting potential.”

On Facebook, Grundy Galillee noted, “Please do not let the dude who seems to be an insubstantial pretty-boy but is actually a thoughtful weirdo with a morbid streak play him. It’s awful.”

More than 46,000 people signed a petition asking, “Disney, don’t do it! “ The petition’s description pointed out the last two films, which were poorly received by both critics and fans. “Don’t make the same mistake again. Don’t do it,” the campaign states. “For the love of all that is holy, stop trashing this beloved franchise.”

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