Arcade1up and FBI Announce New Polybius Cabinet – E3 2019
by Norm Rolfe

Arcade1up and the Federal Bureau of Investigations announced a new smaller-scale arcade cabinet of Polybius today at E3 2019. The classic arcade game, known for its weird graphics, jolting gameplay, and ability to recruit you into the shadowy world of the FBI, was not a big success when it first premiered back in 1981.

But the game looks to be joining an amazing line-up of upcoming cabinets which includes the just announced Star Wars, Marvel, TMNT, and two cocktail cabinets from Namco and Capcom.

“We have no comment at this time,” said FBI spokesperson Edgar Felt. “We look forward to you finally owning the game and possibly seeing you when you are sleeping.”

“He’s joking,” said Arcade1up’s Oliver Clothesoff, looking at the agent. “You are joking, right?”

Polybius is a Family Dollar exclusive and will be out just in time for the Christmas 2019 season.

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