Summit Entertainment Acquires War, Inc., Cusack Film To Be Redubbed Into John Wick: Middle East Hitman

By Theodore Logan

Last week it was announced that Summit Entertainment , the production company behind the John Wick series, had acquired the 1997 John Cusack film Grosse Point Blank. Utilizing ADR, Summit will morph the film into the John Wick prequel John Wick: High School Reunion.

Now comes word that Summit Entertaiment and John Wick director Chad Stahelski have acquired Cusack’s 2008 film War, Inc. and will use the same dubbing techniques to make a second John Wick prequel film John Wick: Middle East Hitman.

War Inc. was called a spiritual sequel to Grosse Point Blank with Cusack playing another assassin named Brand Hauser. The film featured some of the same cast of GPB including Cusack’s sister Joan and Dan Aykroyd.

“The change just makes sense,” says John Wick director Chad Stahelski. “Brand Hauser was basically John Wick, so why not complete the change?”

“Originating the Wick role in John Wick: High School Reunion was such an amazing experience,” says Cusack. “To be able to come back and delve into the character once again is the opportunity of a lifetime..”

John Wick: Middle East Hitman will hit theaters Valentine’s Day 2020. Reeves, who was thought to have originated the Wick role, only had this to say, “This is still fucking bullshit.”

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