New Information On Christopher Nolan’s New Film Which We Just Got A New Name For

By William Preston

We now have more information on consistently writing/directing Christopher Nolan’s new 2020 film Tenet, his first most excellent film since his last excellent film that he made as a filmmaker who consistently makes excellent films.

Per Complex, Warner Bros. announced Wednesday that shooting has started on Tenet, starring a bunch of actors who want to work with the most excellent Christopher Nolan, most of which worked with him previously and was “totally excellent to them.” While Tom Hardy was not announced as part of the cast, most have assumed Tom Hardy is part of the cast.

From what we know so far, Tenet will be a
“Christopher Nolan type action film shot in a quirky way that consistently mystifies your expectations while looking totally cool. It will be helped by a great cast that will still surprise you thanks to the bodacious direction of Christopher Nolan.”

Warner Bros. has denied knowing of Christopher Nolan in the past. In a statement to Complex in March, a studio rep said there is no Christopher Nolan, there is no new Christopher Nolan movie, and was also completely apologetic for the last Fantastic Beasts film – also not directed by Christopher Nolan.

Nolan’s 2017 film Dunkirk, featuring a notable performance from Harry Styles, was again met with a non-heinous cavalcade of awards nominations and wins, including a trio of Academy Awards in the sound and editing categories.

It was announced today from producer Emma Thomas that Tenet has now hired an editor for the film. This unnamed person also joins newly hired gaffers, production assistants, cinematographers, caterers, key grips, boom operators, and production designers who will be working on the film in addition to Nolan. When asked about a sound mixer, Thomas said, “We are still considering several high profile individuals. Tom Hardy is still in the mix.”

We’ll see if Tenet can also be a movie that Christopher Nolan directed when it hits theaters next July.

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