Summit Entertainment Acquires Grosse Point Blank, Will Use ADR To Become John Wick: High School Reunion

By Theodore Logan

As Keanu Reeves John Wick 3 continues to kill at the box office, a television series The Continental premiering next year on Starz, and a just announced fourth film, it seems no one can murder the beloved John Wick franchise. Now, with the power of a new technology called ADR, it looks like a new entry into the franchise is about to rise from the dead.

Summit Entertainment announced today the acquiring of the 1997 film Grosse Point Blank, a modest comedic hit starring John Cusack as a contact killer named Martin Blank. In the film, Blank returns home for his high school reunion only to battle other sinister assassins.

Summit, hoping to capitalize on the John Wick craze, will rename the 20 year old film John Wick: High School Reunion and will reunite stars Cusack, Minnie Driver, Jeremy Piven, Dan Aykroyd, and more – into the sound booth. Using dubbing, the character of Martin Blank will become John Wick and High School Reunion will become the hitman’s first adventure.

“The change just makes sense,” says John Wick director Chad Stahelski. “Martin Blank was basically John Wick, so why not complete the change?”

“I’m ecstatic to have been the actor who now originated the Wick role,” says Cusack. “I’m very happy to have given Keanu a basis for where he could start formulating his own version of the character.”

John Wick: High School Reunion will hit theaters Christmas 2019. Reeves, who was thought to have originated the Wick role, only had this to say, “This is fucking bullshit.”

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