You know what I love about music? When you think you are pretty set with who you listen to and then someone comes along and BLOWS YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF.

That’s what just happened to me. I was just introduced to Emily Vaughn whose song Dead 2 Me just had its video released a few days ago. The song is from Emily’s upcoming EP Bitch Bops. Yeah – pretty much the best album title ever.

This is just the launch of Emily, who will see her next single Pieces released at the end of March, and EP out in April. I had a chance to listen to the full EP and I’m still trying to wrap my head around how fucking amazing Emily is. When she’s on the radio every hour on the hour I’m pretty much going to say, “It’s because of me and because I told you all about her so early in her career.”

Don’t believe me? Just play the video. I bet you won’t be able to play it just once.

You can find Emily Vaughn at:

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