Murder #1 was another great book from 2018 that featured indie artist extraordinaire Emiliano Correa. Correa has his hand in superheroes (I-Team), science fiction (Piece of Mind), and Murder which is Matt & Brittney Loisel’s supernatural horror about a man known as the Butcher’s Butcher who takes revenge for animals who can’t speak for themselves. It’s Doctor Doolittle meets Doctor Strange with a vicious horror hook that will make you want to think twice before you eat another piece of meat.

Yet Murder isn’t a book full of preach rhetoric about being a vegan. It could be considered a metaphor for the damage humans do to the Earth and the animals we should live in harmony with, but it is also just a well written comic that really drives home an eco-friendly message with plenty of blood to go along with it. I reviewed issue #1 during an episode of Chuck Load of Comics which you can watch below.

Now Matt, Brittney, and Emiliano are back with a Kickstarter for issue #2. I already find this Kickstarter completely fascinating as the Kickstarter isn’t just for the second issue but a special black and white ashcan set in the Murder Universe called issue #2.1. This issue is written by the Loisels with artwork by Jom Vega and published in a manga sized format.

This alone has me very intrigued on what Matt and Brittney have cooked up and why this tie-in is touted as a must read before issue #3.

There’s some amazing rewards from grabbing the books to exclusive prints to dying in a future issue. Ever want to be murdered in a comic book? Now is your chance to make your dreams come true.

Learn more about Murder over at their Kickstarter:

Best of luck to the entire creative team!

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