Last year I fell in love with Milford Green. I covered the Kickstarter here on 2G1 and reviewed the book during a weekly episode of Chuck Load of Comics (see below!).

I was really praying that a sequel would come about and, sure enough, writer Samuel George London has just launched a Kickstarter for the sequel to what I called …

From the Kickstarter:

Beyond Milford Green immediately follows on from Milford Green with Alfie and his next door neighbour, Mary, heading to the United Galactic Alliance in a spaceship.

When they arrive, the president of the U.G.A. asks them to go on a peace negotiation mission with the evil Cinux, which will decide the fate of the galaxy.

There are some great rewards being offered including a digital pack that will snag you both Milford Green and Beyond Milford Green. It really is a book that needs to be read so head on over to the Kickstarter and pledge to what is surely going to be one of the must read books of 2019.

Visit Beyond Milford Green’s Kickstarter at:


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