On July 12, 2018, artist Mark Fenton had an opening reception for the showing of his Wall Art at the Hopewell Valley Vineyards in Hopewell, New Jersey. Fenton is a good friend and is the sole reason why the 2G1 website exists today so, for that, I am eternally grateful. Secondly, Hopewell Valley Vineyards has one of my favorite wines, so going to see Mark’s art show at the vineyard was truly exciting on several fronts.

The event page states, “Mark Fenton’s Artwork can be as mystical as a Zen mandala for a yoga studio or as accessible as a sexy mermaid for a barroom. But in either case, he starts with a blank pine disk, and he finishes with “wall art.” That’s what he calls it, which is significant because his process is not complete until someone wants to hang it on the wall. His round, indoor wall signs combine his training in graphic design and sign-painting with his “huge love of advertising art.” Mark deftly cuts his crisp, clean designs into the wood, and paints them in colors that are unambiguous and often vivid. The work can be nostalgic, humorous and/or provocative. The result always looks iconic.” What that all boils down to is that there is something for everyone so if you are looking for something to keep you zen there are many pieces available for your walls. If you want a sexy mermaid or Jersey Devilwoman (like I do)? Mark does them as well. Truly the only limit to this amazing artwork is Mark’s own mind, as you are about to see several amazing original pieces by the artist.

Walking through the Hopewell Valley’s Vineyards front doors you are welcomed to a bar that serves delicious Hopewell Valley wine and had several pieces of wood art on display to welcome us.

The downstairs has live music, another bar, and the majority of the amazing pieces hung along the walls.

This fantastic piece is called “Mother’s Gift” and the only reason it was displayed was to taunt you. No matter how much you liked the piece it wasn’t actually for sale as it was a gift to Fenton’s mother. I mean you could always see if she wanted to sell it. You never know until you try.

There’s no way to not feel zen when looking at this piece titled “Triple Goddess.”  I just feel serene and tranquil looking at this photograph alone.

This is “Sunset” and seems to capture a beautiful, quiet moment during a time that doesn’t quite feel like winter yet.

“River Run Through II” is the sequel piece to another Fenton original.  I really love to blue here and it really makes the river going through the woodwork pop.

“Bolts Neck” is one of the more fun pieces that Fenton creates, similar to the sexy mermaid or the sexy Jersey Devilwoman.  The circle surrounding the Bride of Frankensteinesque woman is actually mirror and is quite marvelous to stare directly at.  This is the kind of bed and breakfast I’d die to stay at.

This very large piece is titled “Centered” which I fascinating as the piece itself is not.  It makes wonder about the thought process behind creating this piece and giving it the name.  My picture truly does not do “Centered” justice.

By the time I reached “Spirit Horse” it had already been sold, quite an accomplishment considering I arrived pretty damn early for the event.  The horse on the left truly makes this piece.

These three pieces were put up side by side.  In order they are “Wisdom”, “Eagle Cliff”, and “Thunder Bird.”  “Thunder Bird” was also already sold by the time I hit the event.  These are smaller pieces that I really like because they can usually fit in those places where you know you want to put something but can never find the perfect piece.  It seems that Fenton has several perfect pieces for you to choose from.

Perfectly titled “Whiskey Bar”, this is the perfect sign to put above your home bar and listen to The Doors.

Well if you live in New Jersey you know you love the pork roll and you always know what exit you are off of.  This piece titled “Trenton Service Center” perfectly encapsulates some of New Jersey’s more special notorieties.

Probably another piece that belongs in my house, “Wine Cellar” is perfect for those who think that drinking wine should be an Olympic sport.   If croquet is an Olympic sport I don’t see why wine drinking can’t be.

Best part of this piece titled “Empire State”?  I love the license plates that are in there.  How cool is that shit?

I’ll wrap up looking at the first “River Runs Through It” piece.  This was one is larger than the other one with the river running vertically, not horizontally.  No offense to Part 2, but I like this version a lot more.  Something about it moving south just works for me.  The wine is not a part of the piece.  If it was I would have purchased it instantly.

Mark Fenton’s art work will be on display at Hopewell Valley Vineyards through the month of July.  For more information you can go to Hopewell Valley’s site at: http://www.hopewellvalleyvineyards.com – which has a full list of upcoming events at the winery including more art installations.

Check out more of the works of Mark Fenton at: https://www.handmadeartstudios.com

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