Many moons ago I ran an Artist Spotlight on Jamie Primack and her FANTASTIC ARTWORK (which you can read by clicking here).  I instantly fell in love with Jamie, her artwork, and her space goth webcomic epic Binary Star.  Jamie actually cranks out three pages a week of Binary Star which is insane.  Why is it insane?  Because once you look at the stunning detail of each and every page, especially the inking, you are just floored at what Jamie is able to do in such a small amount of time.

Finally Jamie has given me (and hopefully other Binary Star fans) exactly what they want which is a new trade paperback collection of Binary Star.  The Kickstarter for Binary Star Volume 1: The Big, Cosmic Joke has just kicked off and collects the first five volumes of Binary Star which clocks in at 120 pages.

What’s the book about?  I’m going to let Jamie tell you in her own words:

“(Binary Star is) about an intergalactic bounty hunter teaming up with an alien outlaw to make sure she cashes his bounty before anyone else does! Zaki’s a hot-tempered bounty hunter pursuing an icy, alien outlaw. She only knows two things about the so-called “Snowman”: he’s worth a lot of money, and Zaki’s the one who’s gonna take him down. There’s just one problem: Every bounty hunter in the galaxy got the same memo, and some of them will kill anyone who stands between their weapons and the money. When Zaki finds herself captured along with the seemingly-mute Snowman, she realizes the only way to collect his bounty is to become his protector, if Zaki and the Snowman can keep from murdering each other first.”

The best thing is if you want to read the comic before committing to getting the trade paperback, Binary Star is free to read and can be found at: – I’m sure that once you start reading you’ll see how fucking phenomenal Binary Star is and want to run to Kickstarter to get your own copy of Volume 1. I know I did.

You can check out more at the Kickstarter including Jamie talking about the Kickstarter and all of the different awards at: – you can already see that, in just a few days, the TPB has already been fully funded. What does that mean? That there is nothing but stretch goals ahead!

Best of luck to Jamie and I can’t wait to get my copy of Binary Star Volume 1!

Find the Binary Star Vol 1 Kickstarter here:

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