Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

Just a little over a year since the release of their debut EP, Alpha Rabbit has returned with an amazing sophomore release titled Follow the Northern Light. The six song album can still be considered an EP but really shows the amazing growth of the band over the past year. The power punk pop of this talented triumvirate truly proves that Alpha Rabbit will be a force to be reckoned with in the local Jersey music scene for many years to come.

Alpha Rabbit consists of Jacob Foy, Joseph “Dim” Wolstenholme, and Jaime Parker – who all take turns taking lead vocals while continuously switching playing guitars, drums, bass, and more. The musical ability of each member is unparalleled and this is truly evident when you see an Alpha Rabbit show live. While Dim and Jaime both belong to other bands (Honah Lee and Meeko Brando respectively) it is great to see this kind of output for what some may consider a “side band”. I really don’t consider Alpha Rabbit a side band, especially with the recent productivity of the group. Alpha Rabbit has been going full force lately and the dropping of Follow the Northern Light now is perfect timing to show how great the band really is.

The entire CD has a very stripped down sound. There were parts of the first EP which I felt may have been a bit overproduced, but as a novice at reviewing music, this could just be my opinion. The production here on Follow the Northern Light does feel more raw and gives you a taste of what an Alpha Rabbit live show feels like. It is a wonderful approximation and one that makes this album a must listen.

The secret weapon of this album is the voice of Jaime Parker who sings 3 out of the 6 songs. Her voice is the kind of brand recognition you can hope for but could never pay for. There is a unique tenor to both Jaime’s voice and delivery which makes her stand out from any peer out there currently singing. Mix Jaime in with 500 different singers, blindfold yourself, and have each one sing. Once you get to Jaime you’ll have zero doubt that it is her singing. Not to overcompensate for a comparison but her voice is as easily recognizable as Mariah, Aretha, or Whitney – but obviously with more pop punk centered vocals.

That isn’t to say that Jake or Dim’s songs pale in comparison and, in fact, there isn’t one bad song on this album. Each and every song is able to have a different feel thanks to the musical and singing talents of the band so it really feels like you get the most bang from your buck. I hate to use the word “eclectic” so what I’ll say is that Alpha Rabbit really is one of the most well rounded bands you’ll ever have the pleasure of listening to. I’m not sure there is any band currently out there with the musical talent of this group.

It’s hard for me to point out a favorite on this album because it is such an astounding listen from front to back. If I had to choose two songs for the future “Alpha Rabbit’s Greatest Hits” album I would say those two songs are Falls Apart and Live Like Machines. I truly adore Live Like Machines and think the song superb. It ends the album so it really end Follow the Northern Light on such a high note.

If there is one thing wrong with album it is rather minute and a problem that will probably be easily fixed shortly in the future. Currently if you want to snag the album you are going to have to find an Alpha Rabbit show. The album isn’t currently available at Alpha Rabbit’s Bandcamp: – or their Facebook: . I guess that doesn’t help if you live in Poughkeepsie and want a copy of the album, but I’m betting if you contact the band at Bandcamp or Facebook directly they’ll be able to take care of you.

LUCKILY you can check out some of the new songs like Falls Apart and Reasonable Satisfaction over at Alpha Rabbit’s YouTube page:

Follow the Northern Light is such a wonderful surprise and really a fantastic way to kick off the summer. It’s an album that I’m going to have a great time listening to over and over and over (and over) again and highly recommend purchasing right away. It’s six songs of pure brilliance and I can’t wait to see how Alpha Rabbit continues to grow as a band. As brilliant as this album is I know that the best is probably still to come.


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