Barbarella #5
Written by: Mike Carey
Art by: Kenan Yarar and Mohan
Published by: Dynamite Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

I was a bit disappointed with the last issue of Barbarella.  I picked it up, started reading, and noticed right away that Kenan Yarar was not drawing the book.  It’s no offense meant to artist Jorge Fornes, the artist on #4, but even with Mike Carey writing I just couldn’t get into it.  It made me pretty damn sad and I ended up not even reviewing the issue due to my disappointment.

Issue #5 sees the return of Kenan Yarar and I really couldn’t be happier.  It seems that last issue was just a one-off so Carey and Yarar are back to bring us a whole new story arc.  Barbarella has landed her ship at a body shop where she needs to get some repairs done to her ship Thief of Fire.  The mechanic tells Barbarella that everyone is going off to a planet looking to mine a whole bunch of R.U.S.T. – mine enough and you can be filthy rich and possibly live forever.  Why?  R.U.S.T. is Radically Unstable Space Time and its worth a fortune.

So Barbarella lands on the planet only to be accosted right away by some prospecting yahoos that look like they just came out of an episode of Bravestarr.  It seems these dudes think that Barbarella is trying to slide herself into their score.  It’s three against one but, as usual, Barbarella somewhat dispatches her would-be dispatchers.  She allows them to get away, which probably is not a smart thing.

Barbarella ends up meeting some cute space nerd guy and the two pair up.  They end finding something that is worth billions but may end up killing them.  I won’t explain why because Mike Carey does a great job explaining why.  But you know with killer Space Time and crazy ass prospectors that Barbarella is not going to have an easy time just getting off the planet.  I love that this book can bring together crazy, violent, weird, and sexy with such ease.

This creative team is perfect.  Mike Carey can write one hell of a sexy sci-fi book, Kenan Yarar’s art is simply PERFECT for Barbarella, and colorist Mohan just drives it home.  This issue got knocked right out of the park and I had such a great time with the setup of this new arc.  I’m instantly 100% invested.  I’ll also say that this is easily Dynamite’s best book.  Welcome back, Kenan.  I missed you so.


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