Nicodemus Flynn OGN
Written by: Alex De-Gruchy
Art by: Robin Simon Ng and Robert Denton III
Published by: Markosia Enterprises

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

There’s monsters. There’s demons. There’s a kickass hero who seemingly can’t be stopped and a super indestructible devil monster that he has stop. Our hero is Nicodemus Flynn and he is a good amalgam of Nathan Drake, James Conrad, and Buffy Summers.

Writer Alex De-Gruchy keeps the adventurer on his toes for most of this story.  At around 125 pages, there is a ton of story here and it really feels like the narrative was able to be presented without having to cut anything down for page count. I think this has its good and its bad (which I’ll get to later). So what’s the book about?

Basically Flynn is a well trained guy who goes out and slays all sort of monsters. Why? I guess the answer to that is someone has to go out and fight monsters so Nick just does it. I mean someone has to kill the monsters, right?  Certainly killing a bunch of killer green demons will work you up an appetite.

A mysterious devil beast called Pariah has returned to wreck havoc on Earth. This thing is thought long dead but someone was able to resurrect it. Nick is tipped off by someone that this beast may have returned (though he has to figure most of it out on his own) and Nick is off to find out more about the beast. The thing is the Pariah has returned to kill a guy named Davala and Davala is hiring the best of the best to kill the beast, people that you really wouldn’t want to hang out with at your local bar. And Nicodemus? Since he’s on his own and unable to be bought, he’s brought into the hunt just by knowing about the creature’s existence.

Of course there is a lot more at play here and the reason behind the creature’s return and Davala’s true motive is revealed as the story goes on.  As the adventure continues we get to know some of the badass bad guys.  We learn more about Nick and those that help him. There’s more to the resurrection of the Pariah, why it was resurrected, and what went wrong. There’s a gal who is introduced but I like that she is also a killer badass and not some waif introduced just to be a love interest.

I really found Nicodemus the character to be quite interesting. There’s not too much of a backstory so we really don’t get to focus on how Flynn became the go-to monster hunter. The character is simply who he is and goes out to kill all the monsters and bad guys he can. The book is a great monster horror and can be quite macabre at times. I really like that there’s lots of story, twists, and turns as you read through this massive graphic novel. It truly feels like a well written screenplay that can only be done right by doing it as a comic and not a film.

On the flip side of that I found the comic could be a bit long in the tooth at times.  If Nicodemus Flynn was a film I felt there would have been some parts trimmed out by an editor and save for a Deleted Scenes special feature on the Blu-ray.  It’s not that this happens often overall in the book but I do feel that it could interrupt the flow a bit here and there.

If like your monsters big, your horror bloody and your heroes that aren’t some wise-cracking smartass then Nicodemus Flynn is truly the book for you. Full of action and intrigue, it is one hell of a read. I just hope that it doesn’t take long to get a good follow up to this tale.


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