The Black Sable #5
Written by: Joe Brusha
Art by: Sergio Arino and Dijjo
Published by: Zenescope Entertainment

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

The Black Sable #5 felt a bit rushed to me but I really feel like this is because this is the next to last issue. That shouldn’t be my problem. It is Zenescope’s problem. It’s Joe Brusha’s problem. Why are you rushing me?!?!? Why do you limit this amazing series!?!?!? It almost feels like someone pressed the button on the Wrap It Up box and now the loose ends need to be quickly tied up.

Does it affect the actual quality of the book? No. Not really. The fifth issue is just as great an adventure as the previous issues with the craziness of this space opera really shining through. There’s a planet full of space bugs a la Starship Troopers looking to kill our intrepid space explorers. There’s our badass Silver Predator baddie Captain Blood who decides to take on the evil Alpha Corporation.  Then there’s Sable herself trying her best to stay alive, stay in the fight, find those fuel cells she’s been searching for, and snag a huge payday. This isn’t easy with huge space battles going on as pirates, aliens, and corporations duke it spaceship to spaceship. Yet Sable still finds time to get aboard the enemy ships to throw down with those who have been hunting her.

There’s also quite a bit of backstabbery. Some of it makes sense when taken in context with the story but some of it is a bit eyebrow raising worthy. This is where I think the rushed feel of this issue comes into play. As we move from action scene to action scene to action scene there’s no real time to catch your breath. The time for exposition is over which does stink as I would have liked to see why some of the decisions made by the characters in this issue were made.

RYAN…GET OVER IT. Man no matter how rushed the issue may feel I’ll still say that The Black Sable is one hell of a fun read. It’s so weird and wonderful. It just throws the space adventure kitchen sink at you and doesn’t give a damn. That’s why this series is good.

I’m going to lower my mark I think a bit because of the rushed feeling. I think I’ll reserve the right to bring the grade up a bit once I read the last issue. Really Brusha should make the executive decision and either publish another six issues or at least get a second miniseries started right away. I’m not ready to give up on Black Sable yet, so Zenescope better make with the comics.


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