Armor-I #1 & #2
Written by: Marcel Dupree
Art by: Carlos Trigo, Gulliver Vianei, and Andrea Celestini
Published by: Evoluzione Publishing

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

As I was reading the first issue of Armor-I it really reminded of a real fun, cheesy 80’s movie complete with asshat jock douchebags who pick on the brand new kid at school. That kid is Jason who has just moved to town with his Dad and sister. As Jason is dropped off at school for the first time it only takes him about two and a half seconds before he is about to throw down with the jocks. Which is weird because Jason is also a football player. Maybe they don’t like him cause he’s black?

So after a prank gone right, Jason finds himself alone in the woods in a town he just moved to. How the hell do you get home? Jason can’t figure that out so he just wanders the woods and finds an alien. An alien? AN ALIEN! And the dying alien gives him something to protect as he dies. A dying alien? Who gives someone a mysterious item that’ll probably give him superpowers? If you are thinking that this may sound a bit like Green Lantern then you aren’t wrong. But don’t worry. Writer Marcel Dupree is about three steps ahead of you (and me).

Jason finally finds his way home and is confronted by his Dad on where he’s been. Jason tells the truth only his Dad isn’t hearing any of it. He walks off and is confronted next by his sister who he was supposed to walk home from school. What does she have to say to him?

“You’re the new kid at school, you get into a fight, left in the forest, and find a spaceship. Come up with a better story than 80’s cliches.”

BAM! Right from this second I know that Armor-I is going to be the book for me. Yes the story can be full of what can be looked at as cliched. The story may be similar to one you’ve read many years ago. But the new black kid in town who accidentally finds an alien that can morph with him into superhero armor and let him fly?

Right up my alley.

You see the thing is there’s a bunch of baddie aliens tracking this good alien. So they are on Jason’s tail. And Dad? Dad may not be who you think he is. AND THERE’S THREE HEADED DRAGONS! I may be just a little bit excited about Armor-I and what is going on in these first two issues.

This is my second Evoluzione book – I reviewed Angelica Reigns #1 just a few weeks ago and adored it. The same goes for Armor-I. It’s a great, fun book with a great concept that is executed perfectly. I also like how the Green Lantern concept was tweaked (an actual alien being vs. a power ring) and combined with a black main character. As the Big Two recycle ideas over and over again, it is independent comics like Armor-I that are going to bring us our new heroes that don’t feel rehashed and stale.  For those saying, “Didn’t you call the book cliched just like that little girl did?”  I feel that common tropes are being used and thrown together to quickly introduce a concept that uniquely becomes its own animal very quickly.  It’s the same and yet very, very different at the same time.

The quality on Armor-I is also incredible. The art team should really take a bow. You could throw a DC Comics logo on the cover and not have to change one damn thing. Yes – the quality of the writing and art is that damn good. But while we got some so-so new heroes coming out of DC’s latest crossover Dark Nights: Metal (the exception being the very excellent Damage title), Armor-I really shines above anything new from DC. If Evoluzione continues to pump out books with this level of professionalism they won’t be a small indie publisher for long.

If you are looking for that great new something, Armor-I is perfect for you. Out of all the comics I’ve read in the past week, the only books that rival Armor-I may be the latest issues of Doomsday Clock and X-O Manowar. Seek this book out. Now.


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