Pizza Boyz TPB
Written by: Spencer Scott Holmes
Art by: Spencer Scott Holmes
Published by: Old Man Orange

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

Pizza Boyz is a slice of life comic book about four guys who haven’t quite grown up yet: Kyle, Cisco, Dunni, and Vince.  Living out in the middle of nowhere, with seemingly nothing to do, their adventures include going to the local pizza joint, playing video games, trying (and failing) to hook up with girls, and podcasting. Eventually their adventures widen to include getting jobs at the local pool and filming a kung-fu movie.

For me Pizza Boyz reminds me of my high school years. Back when we had nothing to do except play video games, hang out in a garage playing dominoes, and running around with a video camera. It was something fun to do to break from the monotony of high school. By the time I was college age, things had changed quite a bit. For the Pizza Boyz? Not so much.

The TPB collects the first four issues of the series. The first issue does a good job of introducing the characters as we have 13 pages of the characters gathering each other. This leads to a pizza parlor where Vince battles little kids playing arcade games, the clerk behind the counter tells the group that their pizza is pretty crappy, the guys drink beer and eat pizza, and one of them asks out the cute waitress. So not much happens at all.

Honestly at this point I thought the series was off to a rocky start. Creator Spencer Scott Holmes established his tone and the reader had a good feel of what these characters are like. But nothing happened in the first issue which put me a bit off.

Issue #2 quickly hits its stride and I really enjoyed the remaining issues. Issue #2 shows the guys doing a weekly podcast talking all things nerdy which segues into the misadventures of Dunni as he tells the tale of trying to get laid on a date by busting out Mario Kart only to find that he doesn’t currently have it in its collection.  I’m not sure if this approach has worked for anyone in real life, but it sure was funny to see this character scurrying to find another video game that may make his date shiver with antici………pation. It doesn’t quite work for Dunni. Actually getting with the ladies doesn’t seem to be a skill that any of the lads have.

I’ve always been the kind of guy who lived and died for his friends. So I can appreciate Pizza Boyz for what it is. It is the tale of some not-so-mature young slacker adults with no jobs and not much to do. As I didn’t grow up in the midwest I can’t relate to seemingly nothing around but I can relate to the camaraderie of friends just looking to have a good time. I imagine that is who this comic is geared towards. Even in most slice of life books you find the characters needing to go off on grandiose adventures. But not the Pizza Boyz (at least not yet). They find their fun from whatever is around them.

The art on the comic is pretty simple but I found it quite charming. You can tell that Holmes puts a lot of love into the book and goes beyond any limitations to be able to pull off his stories.  I’d say Vince is my favorite character simply because he reminds me of Jason Mewes.

The one thing that really bothered me about the book was some parts of issue #3 where the guys go to work at the pool. They end up working under the waitress from the pizza joint and two other female lifeguards. The one with the black hair is Stacy and right away she is off-putting. I post these panels because I found it funny that this off-putting character comes off like a bitch right away as she calls the guys a bunch of pussies. I also found it funny that the only word spelled incorrectly during the entire series was the word “pussies”.  Sometimes that damn apostrophe will get you.

It gets unfunny pretty quickly though as Stacy completely starts kicking the shit out of Vince. It comes really completely out of left field and is the only time that any sort of violence happens in Pizza Boyz. This abusive lifeguard, that none of the guys have ever met before, continues to kick the shit out of Vince and no one ever seems to be around to help their friend. And when I say Vince gets the shit kicked out of him, he gets walloped by this gal. I would have gotten her ass fired, knifed her tires, and tried to bang her mom if she had done that to me. But Vince just gets the crap beat out of him completely unprovoked and Stacy does so without any repercussions. The one time that one of Vince’s friends witnesses one of the unprovoked attacks he simply says, “Yeah, buddy! She wants you.”

I was like, “DUDE, YOUR FRIEND IS GETTING THE SHIT KICKED OUT OF HIM! HELP A BROTHER OUT!”  Come on, dude!  You need to be Michael when your friend is getting Fredoed!

Beyond the slow start I found Pizza Boyz to be very funny and quite charming. It has a childishness to it that I’m okay with. Some guys never grow out of their childhood, myself included. I’m looking right now around my mancave at comic books, action figures, vinyl records, Dance Dance Revolution mats, and video game consoles that go back to the Atari VCS.  So yeah – I can relate.  I find Pizza Boyz not only relatable, but found a bunch of guys that I would have totally hung out with. I think I’ll continue to hang out with the Pizza Boyz and see where the series goes. But if that lifeguard comes back to beat the crap out of Vince, I’m totally calling the cops.


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