Strangers in Paradise XXV #2
Written by: Terry Moore
Art by: Terry Moore
Published by: Abstract Studio

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

While I’m not saying I was disappointed or put off by Strangers in Paradise XXV #2 (because that’s certainly not the case) I am going to say that there is a massive amount of exposition in this issue. There are a ton of caption boxes as Katchoo basically narrates the entire time. Not just what is going on in her head but what this overall plot is.

Katchoo is still out and about trying to find this Parker girl who is ready to sing like a canary. If she does?  Katchoo’s very comfortable life with her wife Francine would be gone. No Francine. No kids. Her life just torn apart. Katchoo is ready to do anything for her family and so she is off to make sure her life stays secure.

If you’ve never picked up an issue of SIP and decide that this issue will be your first, then you’ll be pretty happy.  You sort of get what is going on without having to read the entire series backstory.  This issue does a decent job of telling us about this Parker girl and what makes her so dangerous while also expanding some of Katchoo’s young life as Darcy Parker’s girlfriend and greatest call girl/blackmailer.

While I liked the issue I’m also thinking it’s just my personal preference that truly stopped me from thinking it to be truly great.   XXV has a different feel than the rest of the series and this may have to do with the growth of Terry Moore’s storytelling. Personally I think Terry is trying to stuff as much as possible into these 12 issues. Personally I would have preferred a slower burn but that would have probably meant more issues.

Obviously Terry has his story in mind and wants to knock it out quickly. But I love these characters and would have preferred more time with them, because Strangers in Paradise has always been about Katchoo, Francine, and David. With David now long gone it’s just down to our favorite couple. But thus far Francine has been relegated to the sideline.  A seemingly minor side character.  Hopefully she gets off the bench shortly and we get to see more of this character that we all love.

And if you say, “Ryan, it’s only issue two!” I’ll say right back, “Which means there’s only ten issues left.”  Time is ticking, folks.  I’m digging where the story is going. I really dig it. I just hope it doesn’t continue to fly by.


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