Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

Allow me to be longwinded for a moment but I love to call Teeel, “the best band you’ve never heard of except what you don’t know is you’ve actually heard of them and if you took a moment to listen to their discography you may say to yourself, “I DO know them from (that commercial, that TV show, that movie trailer, or Sportscenter)!” and I could be like, “Told ya so.””  Again – apologies for the long-windedness.

Teeel is perfect music for the dance club feeling like the cousin of 1980’s legends like Vangelis.  You could swear that Teeel wunderkind Jim Smith was transported from such bands as The Human League or New Order and dropped into the 21st Century where he continues to grow that sound while still making it sound fresh and exciting.

Overtime is Teeel’s new album, the group’s first in almost four years.  The sound of the overall album feels a bit more classic 80’s.  The entire album has a feel like it could belong in any great eighties film.  Thus Overtime sounds a bit different than the rest of Teeel’s discography.  In this case that is truly not a bad thing.  Growth in a group’s sound is something that I’m sure all artists want to achieve and Smith attains this with ease.  The result is that Overtime is Teeel’s best release to date and truly the group’s most replayable album.

The evidence of Overtime’s brilliance came right from the start when Teeel released the video for the first single, a wonderful tune titled Radar Lovin’.  Radar Lovin’ harkens back to the days before you just swiped right, went over to someone’s house, banged, and left. It goes back to those days where you found someone and were excited to just be around them. Let that energy just fly through the air.  Drive around, mess around, and would just kill to be with one another all the time.

The video for the song is comprised of those old sexual education videos that probably made kids laugh from the fifties through the eighties. Considering the lyrics of the song you couldn’t have a better background for what Radar Lovin’ is trying to say. The song is quite catchy and, as it leads off the album, puts you in a great mood for what is to come. There’s no worries here because there isn’t one bad track in the bunch. There’s not even a mediocre track.  The entire album is perfection.

Overtime is truly unparalleled in today’s music world and heaps of praise for the album is deserved. Listening through the 11 tracks I can’t help to think that it sounds like classic Depeche Mode but without the stick up its butt. There are still great electronic tracks for classic Teeel fans so don’t feel that the group has changed too much on you.

Check out some of my favorite tracks: Radar Lovin’, One More Time, and Bast Castle. This album has something for everyone whether you are a long time fan of the group or have just found Teeel for the first time. That’s not saying much as I’ll reiterate how great this album truly is from beginning to end.  After this flawless release I truly hope it doesn’t take Teeel another four years to release an album, as Overtime proves they are in a league of their own.


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