X-Men Gold #22
Written by: Marc Guggenheim
Art by: Diego Bernard, JP Mayer, Arif Prianto, and Java Tartaglia
Published by: Marvel Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

Is X-Men Gold the best X-title out there right now?  You bet your ass it is.  Marc Guggenheim’s killer title following the team led by Kitty Pryde may be one of the best reads in Marvel’s current publishing library.  X-Men Gold #22 truly helps solidify that statement.

Issue #21 ended with Kitty’s team of X-Men being downed by evil baddie Mesmero along with his henchmen Avalanche and Pyro.  It seems this is all a ploy by the X-Men so Kitty quickly turns the situation around.  The X-Men are on the attack as Nightcrawler, Prestige, Storm, and Colossus spring into action.


I’m going to get into some possible spoiler territory here.  I haven’t read the solicit for #22 so I’m not sure how much Marvel has already revealed.  But if you want to go into this issue fresh, you may just want to know my rating for the comic (A+) and go on your way.  I’m not going to spoil this too much so don’t worry if you are on the fence.


It seems that Mesmero’s escape from prison wasn’t just about attacking some mutant hater or defeating the X-Men.  It seems his plan is way more sinister and has more to do with earning some greenbacks then finally defeating his old foes.  Mesmero is able to escape when more of his friends show up to tackle the X-Men including some favorites like Omega Red.

The X-Men are outnumbered but they don’t let them bother them.  They are a honed superhero team and taking down bad guys is what they do.  So they mop with the floor with these baddies.  But when the smoke clears?  Mesmero, Pyro, and Avalanche have escaped.  The lackeys that joined the fight?  They aren’t lackeys – they are NYC cops.  The X-Men only thought they were lackeys due to Mesmero’s trickery.  Now?  Now they are truly up the creek without a paddle.

What happens to the X-Men?  They don’t run but running might have been the better answer in the long run.  We see the repercussions of the X-Men’s actions.  We learn all about Mesmero’s plan and what this misadventure truly was about.  We see a situation that Kitty Pryde can’t just walk through a wall to escape or have Nightcrawler BAMF out of.  The kicker?  The last page – which introduces another sinister force that may make things twenty times worse for our dear X-Men.

Things are quite low for Kitty and her X-Men team but this script by Marc Guggenheim couldn’t be more brilliant.  It brings our heroes to their lowest point and things truly look bleak.  When they look their bleakest?  Suddenly it gets even worse.  My God Marc, you are flippin’ genius.

This issue rocked from the flashback that kicks off the issue (yet is quite integral to the plot) right to the menace that pops up on the last issue.  In-between?  The best damn X-Men story you can find.  X-Men Gold has the X-Men story you’ve been complaining you haven’t been getting in years.  Guess what?  It is here.  Pick this issue up.  There’s many different X-men books and teams to choose from but they all get in line behind X-Men Gold #22.


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