Our next Best Comedy You’ve Never Seen is Big Helium Dog.  There are probably too many people who might say, “What the hell is that movie?”  Then there are some whose eyes may open wide – a movie they’ve heard about for nearly twenty years but have only seen snippets from the film.  It was produced by Kevin Smith’s View Askew Productions and not only starred most of those early View Askew players but a ton of comedy actors you love that you never even knew was in this film.  Big Helium Dog is probably, at this point, considered a piece of lost media that most will never see.  But now?  Now we are actually going to take a look at the film Big Helium Dog.

WARNING: The footage itself looks like it came off a 35MM snuff film from the seventies that has sat in a basement for 46 years.  But, in this case, it is what it is.

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