A few days ago I received a message in my e-mail that I had a PM from Ron Marz over on Twitter. I’m like…Ron Marz? Like THE Ron Marz? Green Lantern Ron Marz? Silver Surfer Ron Marz? SOJOURN RON MARZ!?!??!! And if you never read Sojourn I feel bad for you …. that book was SO GOOD. Marvel – you really should bring that back and pay Ron 6 million dollars to write it.  I still reread the book AND rewatch my DVDs.  Yup – Sojourn DVDs rocked too.

I’m getting off the point here. Ron is out trying to promote his new Kickstarter for his book Demi-God. I mosied on over to the Kickstarter and see artist Bart Sears’ name. The Bart Sears!?!??! X-O MANOWAR BART SEARS!?!?!?!?!?!? And Andy Smith? My God. This graphic novel is a powerhouse!

This Kickstarter is pretty much tailor-made for a guy like me and if you’ve been a fan of comics for as long as I have you should know the names Marz, Sears, and Smith like the back of your hand. Personally I don’t even need a plot synopsis to sell me on this. But as this is a Kickstarter Alert I take it as my responsibility to tell you all.

Demi-God has been put out by IDW and Marz’s Ominous Press. This new hardcover collection is a monster 64 pages though a digital version is available if you don’t want to throw the big bucks down. At $30 I think the hardcover is a steal, but that’s just me. There’s a bunch of different levels for the Kickstarter from Andy Smith sketches to in-store appearances (for those comic book stores out there). The pledge bonuses for this graphic novel are insane.

Marz and Company are asking for a big chunk of change. The goal is $23,000 though they’ve already raised about 1/6th of that in just a few days. Between the actual comic and the talent behind it there’s little doubt it’ll reach its goal. But if you want to be a part of this and snag the hardcover Demi-God you should definitely get in while the getting is good.

Check out the Demi-God Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/11399829/demi-god-my-kick-ass-graphic-novel

Good luck to Ron, Bart, and Andy!!!

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