Barbarella #3
Written by: Mike Carey
Art by: Kenan Yarar and Mohan
Published by: Dynamite Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

Barbarella has had her spaceship taken away, had her uterus removed, thrown in prison, escaped, eluded authorities, then shot and killed.  That’s not even mentioning the huge prison orgy…which was truly a sight to behold.  Barbarella is never down for the count.  She may have been left for dead in the previous issue but she awakens to find that Earth’s Agent Quire has left to enact his plan to depopulate the sexless planet they are currently on.  Her friend Jury is gone as well, presumably taken hostage by Quire.

Barbarella is able to recover from her wound, get her uterus back, and slip back into her sexy red spacesuit.  She has one thing in mind: stop Quire from decimating the population.  She jumps onto a magic flying space horse and goes off to save the day.  Not kidding.  Magic flying TALKING space horse.  Goddamn I love me some science fiction.  It comes down to a battle of the wits with Quire and Barbarella trying to convince who is right and who is wrong.  It really doesn’t matter in the end as Barbarella is truly the smarter of the two and the outcome was rigged from the start.

This issue actually ends the arc which felt a bit short to me.  I really felt that this storyline could have been filled out a bit more and expanded at least one more issue.  I really liked the planet, the people who inhabit it, and the situations that Barbarella found herself in.  With just three issues it felt like we got in and out pretty damn quickly.  But I guess if that is the story then why beat around the bush?  Get in, tell your story, and get back out.

Hopefully it is because Mike Carey has plenty more Barbarella stories up his sleeve.  I really, really, really love his writing on this book and it has quickly become one of the comics I look forward to each month.  While I was never a fan of the Jane Fonda film, I quickly have become a convert thanks to Carey’s fun scripting and Kenan Yarar’s fantastic artwork.  I really can’t speak enough on Yarar’s art.  It really feels like he’s keeping Barbarella’s French roots with the look of the book, but also makes it his own.

If you are a fan of sci-fi then picking up Barbarella #3 is a complete no-brainer.  Pick up the whole series if you haven’t been keeping up.  I love that Dynamite Comics hasn’t shied away from the adult eroticness that original creator Jean-Claude Forest put into the book.  It’s a book about a sexy woman traversing space and having lots of sex.  Dynamite’s series certainly holds up to the original and continues to be one great read.  I can’t recommend this book enough.


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