The Black Sable #4
Written by: Joe Brusha
Art by: Sergio Arino and Dijjo
Published by: Zenescope Entertainment

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

I continue to really dig Zenescope’s space adventure The Black Sable and issue #4 ups the ante for Sable and her merry group of space pirates. There’s been many groups out looking not just for one another, but for these fuel cells which seem to be worth a lot.  Of course Sable and her crew want them first but they may not get them at all at this point.

There’s Captain Reaver who finally gets his chance to take on Sable. Him and his crew work for this evil galactic organization so you really don’t want him to win at all – not a good baddie to root for.

There’s also Captain Blood – who I’m just going to continue to call Silver Predator. He’s a bit more badass and a bit more cunning. The fight against Reaver is but a blip, but the fight against Blood really doesn’t go Sable’s way. Her and her men are really up the creek following these battles and at the mercy of dastardly villains.

I found the story to move pretty quickly and there’s a few exotic locations that writer Joe Brusha decides to bring us to. It’s great to see more of Sable’s universe and, hopefully, what is to come in future miniseries.

Downsides? Not really. There’s fighting, there’s fun, and there’s a ton of exposition. There’s even more bad guys on the horizon with those killer space sharks flying around in their spaceship so Zenescope really is throwing everything and the kitchen sink into this book. It’s a ton of space fun and I continue to enjoy The Black Sable. But as we start rolling towards the sixth issue I wonder how this entire story of space sharks and space swords and Silver Predators will wrap up.


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