Dark Child #1 and #2
Written by: Elvis Valdez and Wilson Guillaume
Art by: Wilson Guillaume and Kenneth Gaynor
Published by: G7 Design Studio

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

Dark Child delves deep into Haitian voodoo folklore, a subject I know very little about. From that standpoint alone I find both issues of Dark Child interesting thanks to the subject matter. I think the execution of the story is a little long in the tooth but I’ll come to that in a moment.

The first issue of Dark Child is a scant 11 pages long. The tale is very direct and to the point. A man in Haiti needs water. So he grabs a bucket to make a long trip to get some water. Does it suck not having indoor plumbing? Absolutely. The man informs us that it’ll take half a night’s walk to get the water. This is a horror comic with blood and gore but honestly the whole walking half the night just to get a bucket of water was really the thing that bummed me out.

So there’s some bloodshed along the way there with some unnecessary violence and then the dude runs into the little girl with a red dress. What little girl? The girl on the cover…the Dark Child! And of course she’s not what she seems so it sucks to be Water Guy. We see this child and what she has living inside her. It isn’t pretty and it doesn’t mean good things for poor Water Guy. The ending to issue #1 is quite abrupt.

When we reach issue #2 we are suddenly on a ship at sea. The boat is headed to America and has a stowaway deep in the bowels of the ship. She seems scared and frightened. This is Nadia – the little girl in the red dress with some kind of voodoo demon stuck inside her. Pretty sure she can take on all comers. But she’s sad and frightened. Maybe she doesn’t know what happens to her or, if she does, she can’t control the voodoo demon.

Most of this issue focuses not on Nadia but the hick redneck southerners who work on the boat. They are pretty abhorrent people who seem more at home at a Klan rally than working on a boat. The rednecks play some cards, they get drunk, and, after hearing a noise, decide to figure out what (or who) is on their boat. Once again it comes down to some dudes and one little girl. These being stupid rednecks there’s one thing on their mind which is quite sad. But good for Nadia that she is able to defend herself from her would-be attackers.

What really struck me about the first issue is that it really wasn’t a full story. The issue is free on G7’s website but will cost you a buck over at Comixology. Now it still tells us a story but it is a very short journey. It feels more like a zero issue and issue 2 really gives off the issue 1 vibe. The second issue has a good length but its dedication to the redneck seamen doesn’t really push the plot along. The story seems to be meandering and makes me wonder if there is purpose to what we’ve seen or if there just wasn’t enough of an editing process to the script.

The end of issue #2 seems to bring another main character so I’m hoping with issue #3 that the story finally kicks off so the reader can find out what this book will really be about. I will praise Wilson Guillaume and Elvis Valdez on the overall story. I do find it intriguing and want to see what happens next in Nadia’s journey. I just wish it was a bit more to the point without rapey rednecks. I also really like Wilson Guillaume’s artwork and the overall look of Dark Child.

I think Dark Child has now set itself up to be a very interesting read but we’ll have to wait and see once issue #3 comes out if that is the case.


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