I had reached out to Greta Van Fleet’s people a few months back to see if a vinyl release was coming.  They told me no.  I was sad.

I’m very happy to see that Black Smoke Rising is getting a vinyl release that looks to be releasing sometime in February.  Amazon itself lists the vinyl as coming out in December 2017 but I hadn’t seen it anywhere.  Greta Van Fleet’s site states that it’s shipping in February though it is totally possible that it was out, sold out, and they are just waiting on a new pressing.  While you can buy the vinyl at most major outlets like Amazon – you can totally snag it directly from Greta Van Fleet here: https://shop.gretavanfleet.com/products/black-smoke-rising-vinyl

I’m sort of sad that November’s From The Fires isn’t getting a vinyl release as From The Fires had all four songs from Black Smoke Rising plus four new tunes (including the very kickass Safari Song).  Maybe it will be coming soon.  Maybe it won’t be.  If it does I guess I’ll be buying another Greta Van Fleet album because I will be picking up Black Smoke Rising on vinyl.

If you have yet to check out this band – do yourself a favor and buy the album.  Don’t even bother listening to it first . It is genius.  I’m going to leave 2G1’s Top 10 of 2017 video below where Greta Van Fleet landed at the #1 spot for 2017.  The reason why?  They are too damn good.

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