Grimm Tales of Terror B&W Special Edition
Written by: Joe Brusha
Art by: Yusuf Idris
Published by: Zenescope Entertainment

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

The Grimm Tales of Terror B&W Special Edition is really a puzzling mixed bag of a comic. There is only one story which is a ten page tale of a woman named Lana. It’s a very quick story with Lana telling a mystery woman named Keres about the evils her father is capable of. Keres asks what Lana would like and Lana replies that she wants her father to pay. This being a Grimm Tales of Terror book we all know what’s next. Poor daddy is about to suffer.

The most interesting thing about this very quick story is that this comic is the basis of an upcoming Grimm Tales of Terror movie. Whether it is the entire movie or just a portion of the film has yet to be seen. Am I totally excited that Zenescope has a Grimm Tales of Terror movie coming out? Absolutely. I’d love to see more of their characters in feature films (can we get a Robyn Hood flick!?!?!) and I can’t wait to see what delicious goodness the film will cook up.

Unfortunately Lana’s comic book story feels very truncated. Like Zenescope wants to give us the very basics but not much else. Because of this the comic book story doesn’t feel very complete. There are many unanswered questions so the story feels quite unsatisfying. I can’t wait for this Grimm Tales of Terror film, but the comic can barely be considered an appetizer. Maybe it is the butter that is put on the bread before you even order your drinks.

The rest of the issue prints LaToya Morgan’s Black Cat script from a previous volume of Grimm Tales of Terror. The book prints the script, thumbnails, and black & white pages from the story. If anything this is a fantastic look at the comic book process. You can see how Morgan writes her scripts and then how artist Eric J develops it into an actual comic. I’m not sure why this story published a few years back is included in this book. Is it another part of the upcoming film? Is it a way to see Zenescope’s process? I’m not too sure.

The book ends up being quite average and forgettable, which is a shame. If the purpose of the book is to start getting the word out about a Grimm Tales of Terror film then it succeeds there. I’m looking forward to this film. But as for this appetizer comic? It is probably for diehards only.


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