It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done an artist spotlight here on 2G1.  I’ve been keeping the eyes peeled over on Instagram and there’s one artist’s artwork that kept standing out.  Every single time I see an incredible sketch cover it is always Mastajwood.  Also known as Jon Woodard, Mastajwood’s art has been published by Dynamite Comics, Alterna Comics, and After Shock Comics.  I can see why – I’m absolutely loving his artwork.  He kills the sketch covers and so I thought to showcase some of these amazing Mastajwood pieces.

These days if you are an artist I pretty much think it is mandatory that you have to draw Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn.  I think Geoff Johns shows up and eggs your house or something if you don’t.  Honestly the one thing I love about that Harley cover is all the HA! HA! HA!s.  I think that’ pretty fantastic.

Elektra ready to do some damage.  I’m not sure how she’s comfortable fighting while wearing dental floss, but at least she looks amazing in the red dental floss.

For good measure here’s Daredevil.  Looking red and mean. I love the whole sonar effect here, really captures DD’s powers perfectly.

This is the piece that made me laugh out loud and made me want to spotlight Mastajwood’s art.  Ant-Man is either hiding in the best place possible or he’s just a super perv.  Either way, once Black Widow starts moving he may be smushed.

Here’s Rogue and Jean Grey – totally 90’s style X-Men.  Seeing this Rogue totally brings back that voice from the nineties cartoon.  Rogue said “sugar” just a bit too much.  Jim Lee would be proud of these.

Is Mastajwood the pin-up king?  Yeah – pretty much.  He really does slay it especially when it comes to the buxom heroines of the DC and Marvel Universes.   While I like the Medusa and Mera pieces, I really love both the Captain Marvel and Starfire covers.  It’s the colors of their energy beams around their hands that really get me.  It shows that Mastajwood also has some amazing abilities as a colorist.

This one wasn’t done as of yet but I love how these three covers come together, something I don’t see with sketchcovers too often.  Mary Jane is finished but it looks like Gwen Stacy and Black Cat will be coming shortly.

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If you’re out there Jon, keep up the excellent work!!!

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