Grimm Fairy Tales: Tarot #4
Written by: Joe Brusha
Art by: Renato Rei, Grostieta, and Jorge Cortes
Published by: Zenescope Entertainment

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

In terms of story, Tarot continues to be the most interesting book that Zenescope is currently publishing.  There is so much going on within the pages of these issues that all seems to be leading to some massive event occurring sometime in the very near future.

Several storylines occur at the same time in Tarot #4 which makes it a bit hard to review the overall issue. Different characters get a few pages of story before the book moves on to the next character. Issue 4 continues the story of The Empress, The Emperor, Nataliya, and The Talisman while also revealing the character who is behind a sinister plot and how close they are to enacting their master plan.

This is all leading to the massive assault on the Grimm Universe and this tense lead-up to that event has been nothing short of fantastic. Nataliya has quickly become one of my favorite Zenescope characters and I love how this book consistently has her changing sides. She wants to take on The Tarot but she wants to play by her own rules. Where will her loyalties lie once this fight begins? That remains to be seen. Will The Talisman be able to save the Grimm Universe? He might – just as long as he can survive until the end of this issue.

I’m just going to continue to sound like a broken record as I say that Joe Brusha’s story is so damn intriguing and well written. Renato Rei’s art is breathtaking and he may be the best artist in the Zenescope stable. His characters are gorgeous, especially his Nataliya. I can only hope that wherever this Tarot miniseries leads us that Rei is drawing that book next.

Tarot #4 is not a good jump-on point so I wouldn’t recommend it as the first issue to read. I’d highly recommend picking up all four issues together. You may still be a bit lost if you’ve never read a Zenescope book before, but this will serve as a primer for the amazing events that are to come. This Grimm War looks to be the event of 2018 and Tarot #4 is further proof of that. It’s going to be a long wait for issue #5.


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