Summit #2
Written by: Amy Chu
Art by: Jan Duursema and Paul Mounts
Published by: Lion Forge Comics

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

I’m so stoked that Lion Forge is releasing this Catalyst Prime shared universe. There looks to be some amazing talent on the books that has me very excited to read the entire line.  One of their new Catalyst Prime books is Summit – a story about a woman who seemingly acquired some powers after an accident. Even better is Summit’s creative team. Snagging a talent like Amy Chu to write Summit is great but snagging veteran artist Jan Duursema was the best choice Lion Forge could have ever made. So we have a new universe with a new female hero by a female creative team.

Can it get better then that?  Well you can have the best talent in the world and still not come up with something great. That is not the case with Summit which drew me in with Summit’s first issue and continues to excite here with issue two.

The second issue has Val, our main character, continuing to deal with what is going on with her body. She’s seeing dead people and strange things keep happening to her.   She’s lucky enough to have a run in at a funeral with an old boyfriend named J.B. who she decides to tell exactly what is going on with her.

J.B. ribs Val a bit about leaving him for a woman but he soon sits back to learn about what exactly is going on with his ex.  The rest of the issue moves on to J.B. and Val working together to try and figure out what is happening with Val and these new powers she has acquired. There is some forward progress made and…the issue ends.

The great thing about Summit is that Chu is taking her time introducing us to our main character.  We are seeing the changes in Val, we are there as she tries to deal with these changes, but there is no need for her to don her supersuit (like the one on the front cover) and fly off immediately to fight some supervillain.  The storytelling takes precedence here and I think that’s a great move. It’s a fantastic way to kick off a shared universe while allowing the reader to get to know their heroine.

Summit #2 is a slam dunk and I’m loving everything from the writing to the pacing to the entire look of the book.  If Summit is setting the tone for Catalyst Prime then we can all expect more amazing books in the future.  If you are expecting a woman to get right into a suit and fly around right away, this book may not be for you.  If you are looking for a book with some great storytelling, then Summit is the book for you.  I’m hooked and I can’t wait to see what comes next from both Summit and the rest of the Catalyst Prime Universe.


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