Belle: Beast Hunter #1
Story by: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Dave Franchini
Written by: Dave Franchini
Art by: Bong Dazo and Juan Manuel Rodriguez
Published by: Zenscope Entertainment

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

I’m not too sure yet how I feel about Belle: Beast Hunter. Reading the first issue alone didn’t sway me to say, “It’s incredible!” or “It’s horrible!” I wasn’t blown away though I liked the premise of Zenescope’s newest heroine.

Belle is the latest Zenescope adaptation of a famous fairytale – this time round Zenescope tackling Beauty and the Beast. Like the Disney version, or Jean Cocteau’s 1946 film, the beauty is named Belle. This Belle is no waif. She is a badass monster fighter who spends her nights riding around on a kickass motorcycle fighting minotaurs and centaurs. She has her own Batcave (the Bellecave?) and her own Alfred named Candlestick.

The first issue throws a bunch of basics at the reader. There’s a brief flashback telling us where she comes from with a brief quasi-origin along with plenty of action as Belle goes from place to place hunting down mythical creatures. Just another day in the park in the Zenescope Universe.

The beasts are attacking specific targets and Belle has already dispatched herself to send these weird creatures far from civilization. The book has a decent amount of action as well as exposition, but not a ton of answers.  Should I expect a lot of answers in the very first issue of a book? Probably not.

I thought the book did a decent job of setting up Belle as a character and giving us a very brief glimpse into her world. But there is a ton here. What’s with the Bellecave? Who does Belle work for? Which lands do these creatures come from and why is the lone person to stop them?

I have lots of questions. I’m also impatient which sucks for me. I thought issue one could have give me more detail but beyond that was a decent introduction to Belle. I’m eager to see where the book goes and how Belle integrates without greats of the ZU.


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