Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

I imagine life must be weird for those who co-starred in Tommy Wiseau’s now infamous classic film The Room.  Co-star Greg Sestero wrote his best selling book The Disaster Artist about his friendship with Tommy and the actual making of The Room itself.  The set was chaotic, perhaps 100x more chaotic then portrayed in Disaster Artist’s film adaptation that was released in December 2017.  It was a film that no one really “got”, that fired its crew (or saw the crew quit) regularly, and a film that no one got to see the complete script of.  It was a passion project for Wiseau, who invested his own money into the film and now continues to see huge returns some 15 years later.

I imagine most of the cast and crew never thought the film would ever get released.  Once it started driving audiences to midnight showings and gathering celebrity fans, I imagine some of the actors may have been amused.  Some may have been horrified.  They know people are going to see the movie because they know how awful it is.  But there’s more to it then that.  There’s many “awful” films out there but The Room is truly unique.  Don’t get me wrong – The Room is bad.  But I love The Room and think it be fantastic.  There’s just something about the film that you can’t deny.

While Tommy gets recognition for The Room and Sestero for The Disaster Artist, you nearly never hear from anyone else who was in The Room.  The only anecdote I heard about the cast was recently and was about Juliette Danielle.  She retreated after starring in The Room (as Lisa), running away from Hollywood and hoping that no one would ever recognize her from being in “that movie.”  Her IMDB would state this to probably be true as there is a big gap between The Room (released 2003) and her next acting job Involuntarily Single (released 2012).

The cast of The Room has reunited for a webseries that pokes fun at The Room, at the characters they played, and even themselves.  The project is the creation of Robyn Paris, who played Michelle in The Room and launched a successful Kickstarter to get the series going.  With many of the actors from The Room in place, Paris has crafted an amazing mockumentary that just premiered on the website Funny or Die.  The series is called The Room Actors: Where Are They Now and is meant to be a hilarious look at how being in this bad film affected the rest of the actors’ lives.

I say meant to be like the project is not funny but I don’t mean it like that.  Quite the contrary.  Paris’ mockumentary is utterly brilliant.  The Room Actors: Where Are They Now is the perfect companion piece to The Room and is hilarious every step of the way.  As only 4 episodes (out of hopefully a million) have been released, the viewer only has part of the “story”, but each of the four episodes are beyond fantastic.

The premise of the mockumentary is simple: everyone in America knows of The Room and how utterly horrible it is.  For some of the actors like Danielle, Paris, and Philip Haldiman (who played Denny), being in The Room continues to haunt them.  Danielle turns into a drugged out drunk when she is put anywhere near a red dress, Paris divorces any man who has even heard of the film, and Haldiman, looking nothing like he did in The Room, is oft mocked for his looks and his portrayal of the man-child Denny.

Carolyn Minnot (who played Lisa’s mother Claudette) looks completely amazing, never misses a step, and may be the true highlight of the series thus far.  The actress laments how easy it was to announce her breast cancer in the film and thusly how easy it has been to announce several other ailments she now has in the real world.  Kyle Vogt (who played Peter) and Dan Janjigian (who played Chris-R) are also pretty hysterical.  Vogt loves the “attention” the film brings him while Janjigian, who seems to be just like his Chris-R character, is the most badass stay-at-home father that ever hit the suburbs.  Those who know The Room inside and out (like myself) will enjoy one of the best scenes of this series thus far which involves Vogt and his disappearance from The Room halfway through.  Veteran actress Mindy Sterling popping up as “Kyle’s Mom” was jaw droppingly funny.  My God I miss seeing her.  Too bad we never got a 4th Austin Powers.

There’s so much in every scene of thw mockumentary even down to the artwork in the background.  The Room was known for its framed artwork of spoons and here there is framed artwork of other utensils and cutlery.  There’s many tiny jabs and/or homages like this throughout The Room Actors and seeing these fills me glee.  It really shows how much wit and depth was put into the screenplay.  The execution is flawless.

It’s the actors who sell it.  Seeing a broken Juliette Danielle slumming it in some crack den is hilarous in itself, but seeing how the pulls it off is even better.  This can be said for all of the actors.  They may have starred in one of the best worst movies of all time but that doesn’t mean they are horrible actors.  There’s not one of them who come off horrible in The Room Actors.  They sell this and they all have wonderful comedic timing.

Robyn Paris is such a talent.  I remember the first time I ever saw The Room I was like, “Wow she (A) is gorgeous and (B) can actually act!”  She never popped up in anything else which always made me sad.  But seeing how she wrote, directed, and put this project together really shows just how how much of a talent she truly is.  One can only hope that following the end of this webseries it leads to more projects for Paris.  Hell – here’s hoping it leads to more projects for all of these amazing actors.

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero did not appear in the series – I’m sure they were too busy on the set of The Disaster Artist, flying around from coast to coast doing The Room screenings, or working on their upcoming film.  Honestly it is their loss.  It would have been great to have them in this project but, in seeing how great this turned out, it may have been a huge mistake for them not to jump on.

I’m not sure how many more episodes are left but I can’t wait to watch each and every one.  This is truly a love letter to all The Room fans out there and it is not to be missed.


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