I’m not going to get into a long review of Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury.  I try to keep this site as non political as possible and for good reason.  Geek reviews and politics don’t always mix well together.  Liberals hate Trump.  Republicans love him or hate him.  He is a polarizing figure and no matter what my personal opinion is of him one can’t help to think that it has been a long time since Americans were so engaged in daily politics.

Fire and Fury is called a non-fiction book and proclaims to be a book that is “inside the Trump White House.”  Wolff said he kind of was a fly on the wall and witnessed many events.  Trump says he never talked to Wolff.  Wolff said he talked to the President plenty of times.  Obviously Steven Bannon talked to Wolff as he found himself ousted from the Breitbart news organization that he had a true hand in molding over the past couple years.

So is the book truth?  Fiction?  I find a book like this interesting because I have no clue.  The author says he talked to Trump, Trump said he never talked to the guy.  So who to believe?  Wolff says he has tapes.  Tapes of who?  Trump?  His staff?  There’s no dedicated website to interviews and reference material so it is very hard to say.  I really don’t know who to believe and honestly I don’t care.

The book was one hell of a read.  Some stuff that made sense including the infighting between Bannon and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner for control of the President’s ear.  Some stuff like Trump not wanting to win the election didn’t make sense.  I don’t think Trump was in it to lose and really don’t believe he would be down and out no matter how down he was (and turns out the polls weren’t accurate, were they!?!?!).  I do believe they were unprepared to win and I also believe that Trump’s management style is reflected in the book.  He likes you?  He chooses you.  You fail his expectations?  You are done.  Fired.  Get the hell out.

The book is a firestorm of accusations from the President’s desire to be liked by everyone (who doesn’t?) to being totally unprepared for the job.  He was unprepared, but he never served in office.  I’m sure those who voted for him already knew there would be a learning curve.  The voters didn’t care because there Trump is.  So something like being unprepared I’ll take as fact but a non-issue.  As for a continued lack of leadership?  Well the book touches on that in spades.

I’ll also consider Trump’s mental well being.  The book tackles it but I also take away that Trump THE MAN may be unhappy with being in the White House.  With people on the news always talking badly about him.  That he is stopped at every turn by the opposing party and some in his own party.  Of promising to drain the swamp and yet having to fully embrace it.  There’s been no swamp draining has there been?  We just had a healthcare bill passed WRITTEN BY THE DAMN SWAMP.  Take that!  I’m sure being the leader of the free world is super awesome.  I’m sure Trump wakes up and he’s like, “It’s good to be the king.”

I think it is important that the book is read though I don’t think it’ll change pro or anti minds.  If you are anti-Trump you read the book and think, “Yup just him being a moron.  It totally makes sense.”  If you are pro-Trump you read the book and think, “Yup just more fake ass news.  Totally doesn’t make sense.”  But I do think pro and anti Trumpers should read the book.  Republican and Democrat.  Whatever.  I think discussion is important.  You can think Trump is a horrible person.  You can think that Trump who is a man that campaigned on promises and is actually keeping those promises (or trying to).  You can think the Russian thing is stupid.  Or you can think that there absolutely was something going on.  There’s something in Wolff’s book for everyone.

But once again I come back to is it truth or fiction?  To me it doesn’t matter.  I wanted a good read and got one.  For most I believe it is important to figure out the facts of the book.  The White House calls Wolff a dirty, rotten liar.  Wolff is saying this book will shake Washington.  Washington says this is stuff they already know.  I think to prove his point Wolff needs to release interviews and such, showing the public that what he is talking about in his book is true.  If he can?  Then maybe he’s on to something.  If he can’t?  Maybe it really is fake news in the end.

The book reads quickly and I sped through it.  I did get bored at times but found most of the book to be interesting.  I think the book is very anti-Trump and therefore find it fascinating that they would let this author loose in The White House.  It’s why it slightly reeks of being more fiction then fact.  Who knows. But the narrative is pretty tight and only has a few speed bumps. The subject matter was interesting, at least to me. But I won’t bash Trump nor praise him. This isn’t that type of review. I will say that I did enjoy Fire and Fury and think everyone should pick it up. Make your own decision.  No rating on this one.  I know what I’d personally rate the book and I’d rate it pretty high.  But I’m not going to share.  Go pick it up.  I’d love to hear what you honestly have to think.

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