One of my favorite singers releases a new holiday song?  JOY!  So Esthero is not going to win any Republican Deplorable fans with her rendition of You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch but I think that may be the point of her video.  There’s no allegory – pretty blunt here.  I don’t like to get political here on 2G1 so I won’t say anything else beyond (A) I love Esthero, (B) I love new Esthero music, (C) I need more Esthero music in my life, and (D) I want to hang out with Esthero one evening and go laser bowling.  At least best two out of three.  I love you too, Noise Club.  Just forgive my excitement about new Esthero music.

Check out the incredible time I interviewed Esthero right here:

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