This is the first time I’ve ever run a Kickstarter update post but there is always a first time for everything! Matt Loisel and Emiliano Correa ran a successful Kickstarter a few weeks back to raise enough funds to get some sample pages for their comic book Murder going. That Kickstarter was a success, pages have been produced, and Correa is, once again, producing some fantastic work.

Loisel decided to update the Kickstarter – which you can find right here: The original goal was set at a meager $800 but the duo aim to raise around $2,200 to complete around 24 pages of the book. As of this morning the total amount is already above a grand, meaning that they are one step closer to their goals.

I love the sound of this project and think it very unique from anything else out there currently being published in comics. With Loisel’s unique story and Correa’s fantastic visuals this is a book I’m already dying to read. So I thought I would repost the original article below and the original link for Murder’s Kickstarter is the same so you can mosey on over and check out what this amazing project is really about.

Learn more about Murder’s Kickstarter here:

It was just about two weeks ago that I did an artist spotlight on one of my favorite young artists: Emiliano Correa.  I just think the man is a genius.  What I didn’t expect was an e-mail in the inbox yesterday telling me that a new comic featuring Correa’s artwork just hit Kickstarter.

The book is called Murder and seems to be a great mix of Sherlock Holmes, X-Men, and Animal Farm! Murder is written by author Matthew Loisol who is looking for a few bucks to make his story a reality.

Murder is “a graphic novel where, one species at a time, domesticated animals begin to link telepathically. The story will follow the sole human, an animal rights activist, who is able to link with them. Murder is a unique opportunity to provide a more realistic view of the inner workings of animals than is traditionally portrayed in the media.”

“We’ll follow our protagonist Marcus, code-named The Butcher’s Butcher, as he winds his way through slaughterhouses, hatcheries, trade conferences, and rodeos in his search for the truth. Time is running out as he uses his connection with animals to guide him towards the answers he needs to save the world.”

“Murder is a unique opportunity to present animals as animals and to help the reader empathize without anthropomorphizing them. Animals are placed in stories as plot points, part of the background or as Disney animals who talk and have human features. Murder will examine places in our society that the average comic book reader will not likely be aware of.”

This book sounds very unique. With Correa handling the artwork I’ll have an instant interest thought I think that this book may draw attention from people like vegans who may have never had an interest in picking up a comic book before.

There doesn’t seem to be too many pledge level for this as the group tries to fund their book but they do have some cool rewards. It looks like Murder is only looking for a very small amount to get off the ground so I hope this book succeeds.

If you are interested you can learn more here:

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