Motor Girl #10
Written by: Terry Moore
Art by: Terry Moore
Published by: Abstract Studio

Reviewed by: Ryan McLelland

While I’ve been reading each and every issue of Motor Girl I haven’t been reviewing the issues individually. I did review issue #6 (which you can read here) but just kind of decided to just enjoy the series without reviewing it. There were two reasons here. The first is I was pretty sure I figured out the ending and didn’t want to postulate month after month after month.  I was right (which is a rare occurrence) so I’m glad I was just blabbering on with reviews each month. The second is I’m feeling mighty impatient as the return of my favorite comic of all time, Strangers in Paradise, creeps closer and closer. I may be a tad excited. I may have blathered profusely to Terry (and Robyn) at NYCC as they looked at each other thinking, “Just buy something dude and leave!”  I did – as a snagged the first Motor Girl trade and the SIP Kids trade (which I’ll be talking about next month).

I’m not here to ruin Motor Girl’s ending as #10 brings the series to a close..   The UFOs have come much to the amazement of Sam, Aunt Libby, Sam’s imaginary gorilla Mike, and the goons after the alien Bik.  The UFOs are attacked which is pretty damn silly. They can survive intergalactic travel so why would a spaceship be taken down by an AR-15?  The fireworks go off and a very one sided battle occurs. No worries – the good guys save the day.  Hopefully.

And…that’s it I guess. That’s my entire review. It almost just feels like a synopsis rather than an actual review.  The issue goes on and on but if you’ve been reading this series for the past nine issues I don’t want to spoil anything for you. Terry has dropped many hints throughout the series so you may already know where the series was headed (because trust me…there’s no way I’m figuring things out on my own). I’m just glad to see the book wrap up like it did.

Overall I enjoyed the series. It’s slightly more goofy then your average Terry Moore book though I don’t mean this in a bad way. After call girls, flying suits, and immortals it was fun to see Terry kick back and tell the story of a veteran, her kickass imaginary friend, and a super cute alien. The highlight of this series by far is Aunt Libby. Bringing her over from Strangers in Paradise not only connects this book to SIP, Echo, and Rachel Rising, but gives an underutilized and fun character her own breathing room. While I can relate to Sam more than I do any other Terry Moore character, Aunt Libby truly steals the show here. She’s spunky and a ton of fun. Here’s hoping that the end of this book doesn’t mean the end of the character.

Motor Girl was such a fun series and I’m sad it is coming to an end.  I mean I’m so excited for Strangers in Paradise that if it means Terry has to wrap up Motor Girl to get to it then it is what it is. But if Strangers in Paradise is the upcoming main course I will say that Motor Girl was one hell of a tasty appetizer.


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