After finding Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None game for the Nintendo Wii I thought to myself, “Self, I would love to Let’s Play this entire game!  Solve the mystery!  SAVE THE DAY!”  So I sat down and started recording.  Then my Wii Remote batteries were dead so I had to (once again) go find AA batteries.  Once I had the batteries I started the game and…

And this game was not good.  Annoying.  As I went from room to room I thought to myself, “How in the world did someone make this game and actually think it would be good for gamers?”  Welp someone did.  I was pretty bored playing this but I kept the commentary going pretty good so I decided that even though I’m not going to finish this game I would put up what I had from this Let’s Play.

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“Rare Grooves” by Shawn Lov (w/ Sadat X) from the album Future Left Behind used with permission. 
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