I have zero clue who Kat Cunning is. Never heard of her. Stuff lands in my inbox all the time. A LOT of music. So I try to give everything a spin to see if it may be some music that I like.

So this track fell into the inbox yesterday. Kat Cunning’s new track Wild Poppies. Reading up on briefly on Kat this is her second single after releasing a track called Baby earlier this year. Never heard Baby but this track right here is some fire. This is fantastic. So even with zero other information to share, I just thought I would share this single.  Because this is right up my alley.

If you are someone who loves some indie music with a sultry voice that will blow you away. I guess I have to read up more about Kat and will really be looking forward to her debut EP which seems to be coming next year.

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