2017 was one hell of a year for Honah Lee side bands. Graz is showing off his incredible bass skills with Groovy Movies, Dim is killing it with Alpha Rabbit, and now Tony Googles lands with PISSED! Looks like Honah Lee’s lead singer Tim Hoh is the only one left out. Don’t worry Tim – if you want to go solo with THE TIM HOH EXPERIENCE I can always bring along my clapping skills.

PISSED! has released The 7A Tapes free over on Bandcamp and it is some good ol’ fashioned raucous punk that makes you want to scream at people, mosh folks into the ground, and spit beer into your best friend’s face for fun. The lyrics are loud, angry, and even a tinsy political at times. Is it up there with albums done by Good Riddance or Black Flag? Sure. Why not.

The 7A Tapes is pretty hardcore punk which is usually not my cup of tea. I’m usually more Dead Milkmen then Dead Kennedys. BUT I did have a ton of fun with this album. I’m really impressed by Goggles on the lead vocals. As the drummer of Honah Lee you can see Goggles sing along to their songs but here with PISSED! he’s front and center. His singing is impressive. Some may thinking singing punk is just going up and “yelling into the microphone.” But I challenge anyone to get up and sing three punk songs in a row. Not easy. You’ll probably murder your voice. Goggles sings with ease which is fucking talent.  He sounds great to boot.

If I have a problem it is that most hardcore punk songs basically sound the same to me. That’s not PISSED!’s problem, that’s my problem as a reviewer. I’m not going to take anything away from the band because they kick some major ass with the 9 songs on this album. It kills me because they sling out 9 songs in 17 minutes. At that rate they can have a live show with 18 songs and have performed an entire show just over 30 minutes long. Damn I love punk.

There is a standout that pulls away from the other songs on this album and that song is Donnie’s Too Drunk. It’s fucking awesome and you have to love the chorus sung over and over again, “I’ve never seen a man drink so many Miller Lites!” The song is what it is…about Donnie drinking way too many Miller Lites!” But I like Miller Lite too so I’m with you Donnie.

Any downsides to the album?  None that I can think of.  You start this album with a diatribe by “He Who Shall Not Be Named” and then are thrust right into the action.  If you blink you may miss something.  Again – it is a quick listen.  But here’s the thing.  The band sounds great.  Goggles kicks fucking ass singing.  Best of all?  The album is free.  FREE.  F-R-E-E.  You don’t pay a dime if you mosey over to the Bandcamp.  I’ve heard bands release free stuff on Bandcamp all the time, especially EPs.  You also find three-four song EPs where they’ll charge you $3, $4, $5.  PISSED!???  FREE.  9 songs.  FREE.

I also think that having the harder edge sets PISSED! apart from many of their contemporaries playing the Jersey punk scene right now.  There is a shit ton of amazing Trenton punk right now so having an intense sound will hopefully pay off for the group.

If you like/love punk then snagging The 7A Tapes is a no-brainer.  You just go to Bandcamp, download the album, and start slamming into people.  Even if you are at home.  Just mosh Mom into the ground and yell, “I’VE NEVER SEEN A MOM DRINK SO MANY MILLER LITES!”  If she gets mad at you then she probably isn’t a good mom anyway.


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