Days of Dark Fire #3
Written by: Giovanni Smith
Art by: Mike Gaughran and Jintaquan
Published by: Sinopia Comics

Days of Dark Fire is a wonderful fantasy book full of great writing and impeccable artwork. I actually laughed reading these books. Like out loud. That is an amazing feat, I think. There’s a great wit – something on par with Kurtis J. Weibe’s Rat Queens or Robert Asprin’s Myth series. I find the comparison quite comparable as all the books are in a fantasy setting and all three have tickled the funny bone.

I’m only going to overview the series while pointing out the events of issue 3. It may be a bit backasswards as Days of Dark Fire is a book that I’m sure many have not (yet) heard of. Which is fine. I think in this case my job as a reviewer is to clue you in on a kickass book. If you like it? Here’s the kicker. You can download the PDFs of this series FREE from Sinopia’s website. No charge. Nada. Zip. Now you can totally donate to Sinopia for providing you with some free entertainment, but it isn’t mandatory. So that’s pretty damn cool.

The book itself is a great romp thanks to one specific character. Days of Dark Fire is the tale of two princes: one who is in his father’s favor and the other who is ignored. Prince Russell doesn’t seem to mind being ignored as he rather spend his days trying to build inventions of his. The first book introduces us to the Prince and, one by one, his soon-to-be companions like Barrel the Ogre or Melody the Amazon. Always by his side is Tyson, a blue titan with impenetrable skin, a knack for drinking, quick with a quip, and not afraid to throw down with anyone.

As Tyson tries to get himself in bed with whichever girl comes along or trying to find his next drink, the goings-on of the lands may throw everything into chaos. The empire has been penetrated by a group called the Dark Mages. Basically they want to bring down the Phoenix Empire and do what every bad guy wants to do…take over the world. Prior to issue 3 the group found themselves being attacked by a gang and villagers. Russell’s brother Prince Ramos swoops in to try and save his brother only to get stabbed with a pitchfork. The group escapes and goes back to the king who isn’t too happy that Russell’s group of weirdos started a brawl and almost got Ramos killed. You can tell that Ramos is kinda a douche even though he loves his brother. It’s the blonde hair he has and perhaps the haircut. He’s a nice dude but I don’t like him too much.

The king banishes the group to an out of the way farmhouse. Really he does it to remove them from the city while being able to also keep an eye on them. Russell isn’t too happy but the rest of the group doesn’t mind the sitting around a farmhouse and getting piss drunk. I mean yeah…not so bad at all, right? The thing is while there is a part of the king’s army standing guard there are baddies ready to swoop in. The prince is taken by some winged goons and a badass sorcerer named Killroy. There’s no real point to kidnapping the prince other than holding him captive. But that suits Killroy, the evil Elder-Blood, and their lackeys just fine. So what happens? Of course Russell’s group realize he is missing (after an attack on the farmhouse) and off they go to (hopefully) save the day.

Without the character of Tyson I think this book would be an average fantasy title. I do enjoy the characters in Russell’s party as well as Tyson’s ninja-girlfriend Jen (who he met in an earlier issue). I kind of enjoy the bad guys, more so then the King and his jerk army. But I don’t have to think about a comic without Tyson. Because Days of Dark Fire does feature the character. He’s funny and his character just cracks me up. He’s like that horny friend who only thinks about getting laid but you can always rely on when you put your cards on the table. Tyson is raring to go and always there for Russell. Maybe not so trustworthy to those outside his circle, but to the group he’s 100% loyal.

Swinging back to Robert Asprin, I really think that this comic has a great Myth Adventures feel.  The relationship of Tyson and Russell feels very much like Aahz and Skeeve.  There’s no jumping interdimensionally but there is some magic involved (that hasn’t quite been explored as of yet).  I do believe the strength of this book lies solely on the shoulders of these two characters and thus far they’ve been able to carry the book.  You care about the character of Russell.  You empathize with him, his beliefs, and the situation he’s been put in.  You want him to succeed because his father the king is basically a dick.   Tyson?  You can tell the guy just wants to kick back and party but he is always going to be there for Russell.

Overall Days of Dark Fire is a great fantasy title full of adventure and laughter.  It’s a lot of fun, doesn’t take itself too seriously, but has a story that will surely become deeper and more intense as time goes on.  I look forward to seeing where the book goes.  And as the book is free to download and read – if anything I said is at all appealing to you, you should download the book right away.


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