I was completely unaware of Daniel “Pez!” Lopez until I read the first issue of Charon Comics new book Sol Survivor #1 (you can read the review by clicking right here).  I was blown away by the book.  The writing was amazing and artwork was gorgeous.  Pez! killed it on the book and I started following him over on Instagram.  I was looking at his Instagram last night and looking at these characters he draws.

He calls them Stubbies.  They are mini versions of famous comic book characters.  The look and feel slightly reminds me of the 1980’s Eternity title The Mighty Mites (which I loved).  But the detail Pez! puts into these is really astounding.  I love em.  Love em so much.  So I wanted to share a few of them with you all.  Love the lightning shooting through Thor’s arm here.

He’s bloody and bruised…but Logan is oh so cute here.  SNIKT.

Not only is Wonder Woman super cute but the coloring on this is outstanding.  Check out the lasso, the uniform, the lips, and the eyes.  Such stunning coloring detail.

I wonder if Stubbie Kylo Ren is as emo as his full size counterpart…???

I know Spider-Gwen is huge but I’m still very unfamiliar with the character.  I totally loved the idea of a superhero sitting there thinking what track she is going to listen to before taking to the air.

I’m sad that Boba here isn’t colored but I do love that you can see the amount of detail Pez! puts into his drawing before he even colors it.

Homage to the dearly departed Adam West.  The man never looked so badass in his Batman costume.

Is it me or does Stubbie Harley Quinn look twenty times more insane then her larger counterpart?

Batman Beyond.  Very nice.  Damn I loved that cartoon…

Mr. Fixit Hulk.  The character never gets enough props and is all but forgotten about.  I loved me some Grey Hulk.

And, for good measure, some Gladiator Hulk from Thor Ragnarok.

Spidey saying, “HOLA!”  Right back at ya, Spidey.  LOVE the eyes here.

Lastly – Mikey looks pretty sad.  He needs to buy some smaller nunchucks.

I would highly recommend checking out Sol Survivor #1 (and any Charon Comics you can find) just to see how stunning Pez! artwork is.  You can find Pez! at:

Pez! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pezoramarama
Charon Comics website: https://charoncomics.com

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