Very first thing I like about The Stewart Dolly is their name.  They are THE Stewart Dolly.  I don’t take that as there’s another Stewart Dolly out there that they need to differentiate from.  I just think it is bad ass.  Like I walk up to meet you and you are like, “Hey my name is Jill.” and I’m all like, “Hey I’m THE Ryan McLelland.”  See – it just makes you sound better.

The Stewart Dolly are an alternative rock band from Jersey who recently released an EP called Ain’t No Gas Station Gon’ Sell You City Boys No Grenadine.  The dudes are from Edison where I stomped a ton of ground as a kid.  If I had to think of anything super awesome from Edison, besides The Stewart Dolly, it is that it’s the hometown of Mike Vallely.  If you don’t know who Mike Vallely is just stop reading and go watch an episode of the Kardashians or something.

Grenadine is a 5 song EP that gets you in and gets you out.  Maybe alternative rock doesn’t best describe the group.  Alternative pop punk rock may be a bit better.  Each of the five songs here kick some major ass but they have the normal punk length.  Meaning?  Meaning each song is going to clock in around 2 minutes or so.  You are done the EP in ten minutes.

I think that most punk songs aren’t as in-depth as these lyrics feel on the Grenadine EP. These lyrics feel very dense and I don’t mean this as a bad thing. I mean I’m not used to listening to punk songs and trying to figure out the meaning behind the words while the song is speeding by at the speed of light. It’s almost like a challenge. Like a mind bender. So I found myself listening to the songs several times in a row to see if my tiny brain can grasp it. I think I got it. Just barely. But I did.

The thing that excites me about the Grenadine EP is that its a bit lighter in terms of punk. I find The Stewart Dolly to be Descendents meets Weezer but with lyrics that will wrap around your mind like a Rubik’s Cube. I’m not sure if I’m able to come up with a better compliment. In listening to the previous albums by the group I am going to say that I’m impressed with their sound on this album over their previous works. Still there’s a lo-fi quality to the album but I also think it suits the band quite nicely. On top of that they actually have a cassette of the album. A CASSETTE! I don’t even own a cassette player but I almost want to buy a cassette to be like, “It’s 2017 and I just bought a brand new cassette tape!”

Above is a more acoustic version of the first song from this album: Neon Sandwich w/ Lots Of Pepper. I think the acoustic version is fantastic but I do dig the actual album cut even more. There’s a couple of things I learned just from the above video. #1 – The guys look way cooler in beards then I do. #2 – Acoustic or plugged in they have an amazing sound. #3 – I have to see them live. #4 – I want to tell everyone about them.

My favorite thing about this album is the beginning to the last song – Polaroid Trail. Just because it starts really slow and you are thinking, “Okay they are going to end this EP just a bit slower.” But The Stewart Dolly was just fucking with me. It speeds up pretty damn good. The song has some great lyrics and a real kickass guitar solo in the middle.  Everything I want from a kickass song on a kickass album.

Album is available on CD, cassette, and digitally from their Bandcamp though the digital price is pretty damn good at $2. That’s like 40 cents a song and that’s some pretty good music at that price. I don’t much about the guys personally but I think after hearing the album I look forward to hearing (and seeing) more from The Stewart Dolly. So guys, you’ll probably be seeing THE Ryan soon. Yeah…I think I may have to start doing that.



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